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New Normal Career Guidance Program

Scholarship for Higher Education

  1. Scholarship for Higher Education.
    Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) is a component scheme under Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), which is a flagship programme of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It aims to engage young talents for the study of Science and Technology and pursue research as a career and to augment youth to undertake higher education in Science intensive courses by providing scholarships to deserving students.

    Under this scheme SHE, 12,000 scholarships (From SHE-2017 onwards), each valued at Rs. 80,000/- are announced annually for students pursuing Bachelors and Masters level courses in Basic and Natural Sciences .
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Interviews os professionals who got INSPIRE FELLOWSHIPS :

Process Engineer 

Cancer Biologist 

Seaweed Biotechnologist 

Field Geologist 

  1. Who can apply for SHE? What are the eligibility criteria for availing these scholarships?
    (a) Meritorious Students with aggregate marks within top 1% of their Class XII examination of any State/ Central Board in India are eligible. In addition, the student must be pursuing courses in Natural and Basic Sciences at the BSc, BS, and Int.MSc/MS level.
    (b) Those students who have secured ranks in the JEE of IIT, AIPMT (within top 10000 ranks), and are presently pursuing Natural and Basic Science courses in India at the BSc, BS, Int.MSc/MS level.
    (c) Students pursuing Integrated M.S. courses at IISERs, NISER and Department of Atomic Energy Centre for Basic Sciences, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS) scholars and International Olympiad medalists pursuing Bachelor/ Master level courses in Natural Sciences.
    In the case of receiving more than 12,000 eligible applications in the given year, the selection will be on the basis of Board inclusive model within the available number of Scholarships in that year.
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  2. What courses are eligible for the offer of INSPIRE Scholarship?
    The following subjects under Basic and Natural Sciences are within the scope of INSPIRE Scholarship for pursuing BSc/BS/Int. MSc/Int. MS course:
    (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, (3) Mathematics, (4) Biology, (5) Statistics, (6) Geology, (7) Astrophysics, (8) Astronomy, (9) Electronics, (10) Botany, (11) Zoology, (12) Bio- chemistry, (13) Anthropology, (14) Microbiology, (15) Geophysics, (16) Geochemistry, (17) Atmospheric Sciences & (18) Oceanic Sciences.
    Courses other than these subjects such as Engineering, Medicine, Military Science, Defense Studies, Agriculture, Psychology, Seed Technology, Anthropology, Home Science, Geography, Economics, Education (including B.Sc.-B.Ed. dual degree course), Bio-technology, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Bio-informatics, Instrumentation, Information Technology, Physical Education, courses in Distance Education mode at the Open Universities and other professional courses are NOT supported.
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  3. How much is my SHE valued?
    The scholarship is valued at Rs. 80,000/- per annum. Each candidate will receive annual scholarship @ Rs. 5000/- per month total value of Rs. 60,000/- . All the SHE scholars are required to undertake summer research projects under an active researcher in any recognized research centers across India. A summer time attachment fee of Rs. 20,000/- will be paid as Mentorship every year. The scholars have to submit the project report and Certificate from mentor after the completion of the project in due course of time.
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  4. What is the tenure of INSPIRE-SHE?
    Selected candidates will be supported for a maximum period of five years, starting from the 1st year BSc, BS, Int. MSc/Int.MS or until the completion of the course, whichever is earlier.
    Continuation of the scholarship for the selected candidates is based on good academic performance in the examinations conducted by the University and upon the recommendation by the Head of the Institution.
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  5. When should I apply for SHE?
    Only candidates who have completed their XII standard in the year and are enrolled in BSc, BS, Int. MSc/MS degrees, in Natural and Basic Sciences (in subjects listed above) in same year can apply.
    The call for applications will be advertised in major newspapers. Also check our website http://www.online-inspire.gov.in/ for regular updates. The online application link can be found here:http://www.online-inspire.gov.in
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  6. How should I apply for the scholarship?
    One can apply for the scholarship through online mode only. To apply online, please follow this link http://www.online-inspire.gov.in. The guidelines for online applications are given here.
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  7. What documents should I submit along with the application form?
    The following documents are mandatory
    1. Class XII Mark Sheets
    2. Class X Mark Sheet/Certificate (for proof of date of birth)
    3. Endorsement Certificate as per the prescribed format, signed by the Principal of the College/Director of the Institute/Registrar of the University (mandatory)
    4. Eligibility Note/Advisory Note (if provided by the State/Central Board) (not mandatory)
    5. Certificate specifying Rank or Award in JEE (Main)/ JEE (Advanced)/ NEET/ KVPY /JBNSTS/ NTSE / International Olympic Medalists (if the candidate is eligible under this criterion)
  8. When will I be intimated of my selection?
    As we receive a large number of applications, the selection process on an average takes at least four months from the last date of submission of the application.
    All selected candidates shall receive a Provisional Offer letter on their web portal informing that they are selected for the scholarship. The selected students are required to log into the online portal to download the offer letter. The list of selected and rejected students will also be displayed on home page of INSPIRE website. The selected candidates have to upload the required documents on their web-portal in prescribed time period (time period mentioned in offer letter) for further consideration.
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  9. I am selected for SHE but I have not received any official letter. What should I do?
    Please Log in to the online portal. If you are selected, the offer letter will be available in your dashboard.
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  10. In your letter you have pointed out that I should mention my registration number in all my correspondences. Where shall I find this number?
    The Registration number here refers to the Scholar’s INSPIRE/SHE registration number provided by the DST (not the scholar’s B.Sc. or M.Sc. or University’s registration number). The INSPIRE/SHE registration number is indicated in the initial scholarship offer letter.
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  11. How will I receive my scholarship?
    The scholarship will be transferred to the scholar’s State Bank of India (SBI) bank account directly through DBT.
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  12. How to send the Bank Account details to the DST? [For 2011 & subsequent Batches]
    The scholars should open a regular Normal Savings Bank Account in any branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) (ONLY). The account must be in your name only. Joint Accounts will not be accepted. Accounts in any other bank other than the SBI will not be accepted. Also link your given bank account with Aadhar. After opening the account in SBI, upload the first page of your SBI bank Passbook to the DST on your web portal. Please do not forget to sign these documents. Non-attested documents shall be rejected.
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  13. What documents should I submit to receive the scholarship?
    For the release of the scholarship, one should submit year wise Performance Report and Mark Sheet of his/her BSc, BS, Int. MSc/MS course. The blank format of the Performance report can be found in our online portal www.inspire-dst.gov.in .The Performance report must be signed by the Head of the Institution. The Head of the Institution here refers to (a) Vice-Chancellor/Registrar/Dean of Science in case of Universities and (b) Principal/Vice-Principal, Proctor and Officer-in-Charge in case of colleges. Attestation of the endorsement forms by officers other than those mentioned above (such as Head of the Department, Section officers, Student welfare officers, etc.) will NOT be accepted.
    The Head of the Institution should clearly mention whether the scholarship should be continued or discontinued for that academic year.
    A self-attested photocopy of the Mark Sheets (annual/individual semesters) received from the College/University must be enclosed along with the Performance Report. Provisional mark sheets and result sheets downloaded from the internet shall not be accepted. However, Self-attested Internet mark sheet duly attested by Controller of Examination or Registrar of College/University is acceptable only in the case of non-availability of original mark sheets.[Back To Top]
  14. When should I submit the documents?
    a) a) The annual Performance Reports and Mark sheets (annual/two semesters) should be submitted as soon as the results of the respective examinations are announced. The scholarship will be released only after the approval of the Performance Report and mark sheets as per the norms. The Scholar shall submit above referred documents altogether. Scholarship will not be processed in case any one of the aforementioned documents is not submitted.
    b) Scholars are advised to submit their yearly Mark-sheets and performance related documents on-time, preferably within 2 months of announcement of yearly results to facilitate the payment of scholarship by DST-INSPIRE. However, keeping in view the diverse time schedules of the examinations in Universities across the country, scholars are permitted a maximum period of twelve (12) months to submit their Performance Report and Mark-sheets for a given completed academic year ending June every year. As an example, 2014 batch enrolled student is expected to submit the First Year Performance Report and First Year Mark Sheet before 30th June 2016. This analogy can be followed by other batches for the release of the INSPIRE Scholarship. After the expiry of maximum time period of 12 months, no document will be considered. No representations in this regard shall be entertained.
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  15. When will I receive the scholarship?
    Initially, the scholarship will be released only after the approval of I year BSc, BS, Int. MSc/MS Performance Reports and mark sheets. Provided your academic performance is satisfactory, two years of scholarship (i.e. Rs. 1,20,000/-) shall be released during your second year of your B.Sc./Int. M.Sc. course.
    In the following years, the scholarship will be released after the approval of yearly Performance Reports and Mark sheets.
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  16. I am an INSPIRE scholar currently pursuing my first year BSc/BS/Int.MSc/Int.MS course. I have discontinued my course. Will my scholarship be continued?
    The offer of INSPIRE Scholarship will be summarily withdrawn if you discontinue the course. Even if you rejoin the course in the following academic year, the offer of INSPIRE Scholarship will stand withdrawn. No representations in this regard shall be entertained.
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  17. I have received my scholarship for the first and second year. What documents should I send to receive my scholarship for the third year?
    You should upload the following documents to continue the scholarship.
    (a) Performance report for second year BSc/BS/Int. MSc/Int.MS course signed and attested by the Head of the Institution and (b) Self-signed original copy of marks sheet of your BSc/BS/Int. MSc/Int.MS annual/Semester examination.
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  18. I am an INSPIRE Scholar and I have sent all the relevant documents for the continuation of my scholarship. I am yet to receive my scholarship amount. What should I do?
    Please note that it usually takes 3-4 months to release the scholarship after the approval of relevant documents or sanction installment notification on webportal. If you have NOT received the scholarship even after five months of approval of relevant documents, please write to inspire.prog-dst@nic.in .
    Generally, DST will withhold the scholarship due to any of the following reasons:
    (a) Scholar has not submitted his/her Performance Reports/Mark Sheets
    (b) Failure or poor performance in B.Sc. or M.Sc. examinations.
    (c) Scholar has not informed about M.Sc. enrollment (as applicable).
    The scholarship will be released as soon as the above mentioned concerns have been addressed.
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  19. I have failed in my BSc/ BS/ Int. MSc/Int.MS course. Will the scholarship be continued?
    For continuation of Scholarship at any stage at B.Sc. or M.Sc. level, you need to consistently perform better and secure minimum GPA ≥ 7.0 (on a 10-point scale) or above 60% marks in the University or college level examination.
    If you have failed or secured a GPA score of less than 7.0 (on a 10-point scale) or less than 60% marks in the BSc/BS/Int. MSc/Int.MS examination, the scholarship for that academic year shall be forfeited. The scholarship will be resumed in the next year only if your academic performance is satisfactory.
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  20. I could not attend my annual/semester University examination. Will the scholarship be continued?
    In such a case, one year of scholarship will be forfeited. The scholarship will be resumed in the next year, provided your academic performance is good (see above question).
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  21. I am an INSPIRE Scholar and have completed my B.Sc. in Natural Sciences and I wish to pursue my M.Sc. What documents should I send to extend my scholarship?
    After three years of B.Sc. program, students may join M.Sc. course (Natural and Basic Sciences only) anywhere in the country and provide us with proof of enrollment in the M.Sc. course. The blank format of the same can be found in this link: http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in/MSc_enroll_certf.pdf . Please note that M.Tech. courses are NOT supported.
    The following subjects under Basic and Natural Sciences are within the scope of INSPIRE Scholarship for pursuing M.Sc. course:
    (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, (3) Mathematics, (4) Biology, (5) Statistics, (6) Geology, (7) Astrophysics, (8) Astronomy, (9) Electronics, (10) Botany, (11) Zoology, (12) Bio-chemistry, (13) Anthropology, (14) Microbiology, (15) Geophysics, (16) Geochemistry, (17) Atmospheric Sciences & (18) Oceanic Sciences, (19) Ecology, (20) Marine Biology, (21) Genetics, (22) Bio-physics.
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  22. I have completed my B.Sc. course. I wish to avail one year break from studies before joining M.Sc. course. Will my scholarship be continued?
    In such a case, the scholarship will NOT be continued.
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  23. Can you explain the terms of Summer Projects to be undertaken by all the INSPIRE scholars?
    In order to inculcate scientific values and develop scientific temper, the scholars are required to enroll in a Summer Research Project every year during the summer holidays, in recognized research centers of their choice across India, outside their parent institutions.
    Under INSPIRE-SHE, Rs. 20,000/- per annum is provided as Mentorship to the INSPIRE scholar, to undertake Summer Research Programmes. The mentorship will be transferred to your bank account. After completion of the project, the scholar should send the following documents to the DST:
    (a) A letter attested by the Research Guide where the scholar is enrolled for the project and
    (b) A report outlining the objectives and results of the project.
    The minimum tenure of the project must be six to eight weeks. The duration of the project must be clearly mentioned in the project report. Note: Group projects are not acceptable.
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  24. I am availing Scholarship from the State and Central Government. Am I eligible for INSPIRE/SHE Scholarship?
    One cannot avail more than one scholarship concurrently. It is therefore advised that the candidate choose the scholarship he/she wishes to avail and inform the DST at the earliest. If the scholar wishes to avail the INSPIRE/SHE Scholarship, documentary evidence (such as Scholarship surrender certificate) must be produced so as to ascertain that he/she is not availing scholarships from any other sources.
    Please note that if the scholar is found to be availing scholarship from other sources, the offer of INSPIRE Scholarship will be summarily withdrawn and the scholar is liable to return the entire scholarship amount availed thus far from DST-INSPIRE.
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  25. Is there any age criterion for applying for SHE?
    The students with age group 17-22 years can apply for application under SHE.
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INSPIRE Faculty Scheme

  1. INSPIRE Faculty Scheme
    INSPIRE Faculty Scheme is a component under Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), which is a flagship programme of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It offers a contractual research awards to young achievers and opportunity for independent research in the near term and emerge as a leader in future science & technology. The guideline of this component is available at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in.
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  2. Who can apply for INSPIRE Faculty Scheme? What are the eligibility criteria for availing INSPIRE Faculty Scheme?
    Indian citizens and people of Indian origin including NRI/PIO status with PhD (in science, mathematics, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, and agriculture related subjects) from any recognized university in the world. Those who have submitted their PhD Theses and are awaiting award of the degree are also eligible. However, the award will be conveyed only after confirmation of the awarding the PhD degree.
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  3. What is the tenure of INSPIRE Faculty Scheme?
    The INSPIRE Faculty Award is tenable for a maximum period of 5 (five) years and no further extension will be given as per existing rules.
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  4. When should I apply for INSPIRE Faculty Scheme?
    Calls for applications are advertised two times in a year i.e. January and July in major newspapers. Also check our website http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in for regular updates. The online application link can be found here: http://www.online-inspire.gov.in or at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in or at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in.
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  5. What is the number of INSPIRE Faculty Award per year?
    The Scheme provides a provision of maximum 1000 INSPIRE Faculty Awards per year subject to rigorous and transparent criteria basis met by the potential aspirants.
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  6. How should I apply for INSPIRE Faculty Scheme? 
    One can apply for the faculty scheme through online or offline modes. However, online mode of application is preferred. To apply online, please follow this link http://www.online-inspire.gov.in here.
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  7. What are the different modes of application for INSPIRE Faculty Scheme?
    Three routes i.e. Direct, Nomination and Institution mode are available for applying by the eligible candidates. Call for applications are advertised two times in a year for Direct and Nomination mode. However, Institute mode applications can be submitted throughout the year.
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  8. How can I apply for ‘Institute’ mode?
    Under `Institution Mode’ candidates may directly approach reputed academic institutes and the host academic Institute shall be required to adopt their own internal process and mechanism as available, before forwarding names of short-listed candidates for final selection by the Apex Committee. List of Chairpersons and Members for Institute mode is available at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in.
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  9. How can I apply for ‘Nomination’ mode?
    Nominations from academic institutions or Industry R&D through Vice-Chancellors/ Directors of Institutions/ Head of Institutions/ Presidents and Fellows of Science Academies or Eminent Scientists from India and Abroad based on personal knowledge needs to be sent in a sealed envelope to Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.
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  10. What is the upper age limit? Is there any age relaxation?
    The upper age limit as on last date of submission of application should be 32 years. However, for SC and ST candidates upper age limit will be 35 years.
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  11. How much is the amount of INSPIRE Faculty Award?
    Each Awardee shall receive compensation of Rs 80,000/- per month with 3.3% increment every year which is equivalent to that of an Assistant Professor of an IIT at the time of entry along with Rs 35 lakh (at the rate of Rs 7 lakh per year) of Research Grant for 5 years.
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  12. How can I utilize the Research Grant?
    The Research Grant of Rs. 35 lakh for 5 years at the rate of Rs 7 lakh per year shall be trifurcated into three broad budget heads with the following Break-up:
    1. Recurring (Research Staff Cost , Travel, Consumables & Contingencies) – 60%
    2. Capital Equipment – 35%
    3. Overhead – 5%.
    However, Travel and Contingencies would be limited to 10% each.
    Each Awardee needs to provide proposal with detailed break up as above for utilization of Research Grant to DST-INSPIRE. Awardee/ Host Institution needs to adhere the approved break up for entire period of 5 years.
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  13. I am already having a permanent position. Am I eligible to apply?
    Candidates who are employed (in any form i.e. permanent, contractual) with any organization within India will be eligible to apply. However, they will be considered only for the Research Grant component of the INSPIRE Faculty Award scheme.
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  14. What happens to my Award amount, if I get a permanent position during Award tenure?
    When an Awardee finds a permanent position during the Award tenure of 5 years, the Award amount shall be discontinued from the day the Awardee joins the permanent position. But the awardee may continue with the INSPIRE Faculty Scheme availing only the Research Grant for the balance period to carry out research at the new position.
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  15. Whether there is any provision for taking research staff out of the Research Grant?
    Provision is available for supporting a research staff out of Research Grant support during the award tenure of 5 years. In the event of getting employment elsewhere other than the present Host Institute, the Awardee could also be allowed to move the research student along with him/her to new place within the country.
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  16. During the tenure of Faculty Award can I apply for projects from other funding agencies?
    The INSPIRE Faculty is eligible for applying for any competitive grants from all funding agencies during the tenure of the INSPIRE Faculty position and would be favorably considered by DST for future support at the end of 5 years based on performance and technical merit.
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  17. During the tenure of Faculty Award can I make National or International visits?
    Awardee shall be eligible to undertake short-term visit at any national or international Laboratory/ University/ Institute for further exposure and training to carry out research activities up to a maximum period of 18 months either in one or multiple slots during 5 years of Award tenure. However, this period will be treated as part of the Award period and it can be availed only after one year of positioning at the Host Institute.
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  18. Where can I implement the INSPIRE Faculty Award?
    The INSPIRE Faculty Award is generally required to be implemented at any recognized Institute/ University/ Laboratory in the country other than the Institute/ University/ Laboratory where the candidate has completed his/her PhD degree.
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  19. What is the method employed for Selection?
    1. Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi in coordination with DST implements this INSPIRE Faculty Scheme up to the selection of candidates for awarding INSPIRE Faculty Award.
    2. A two-tier selection process i.e. Discipline-based Expert Committee in case of candidates under `Direct’ and `Nomination’ routes and Institutional level short-listing in `Institutional route’ followed by final selection by the Apex Level Committee.
    3. Discipline-wise committees of INSA evaluate and shortlist the candidates who apply through Direct and Nominated Routes without support from host-institutions.
    4. Reputed academic institutions enjoying the status of Centre of Excellence like IITs, IISc, IISERs, TIFR, CSIR Laboratories etc. and Central & State Universities selected under PURSE scheme of DST could employ their own internal processes to short-list candidates and submit the list for final selection by the Apex Committee.
    5. The Apex Committee shall finally select short-listed candidates for offering INSPIRE Faculty Award under this Scheme and decision of the Apex Committee for selecting candidates in this Scheme shall be the final.
    6. Candidates, who have not identified host institutions at the time of their application, should do so immediately after their final selection. All selected candidates should avail the INSPIRE Faculty Award within 3 months of their final selection.
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  20. What are the roles and requirements of Host Institutions?
    1. Host institutions should be encouraged to provide a congenial atmosphere for the awardees to excel in their work, and should view them as potential assets for faculty development
    2. Under no circumstances the “INSPIRE Faculty” Award is renewable after 5 years. Host-institutions are expected to consider “INSPIRE Faculty” for permanent positions in due course, subject to meeting institutions’ performance assessment criteria.
    3. In-breeding by host-institution is generally not encouraged. However, in case host-institutions are willing to nominate their own PhD students under this Scheme, specific justifications and commitment for development of independent directions of research should be clearly delineated.
    4. Host Institute shall provide access to all common infrastructural facilities including equipments, Computational facility and library, acceptable laboratory and office space during the tenure of the Award.
    5. Host Institute assumes to undertake the financial and other management responsibilities for implementation of the INSPIRE Faculty Award for 5 years on behalf of the Awardee and shall be responsible for all accounting purposes with the DST-INSPIRE Program. Host Institute will be required to provide Financial Statements every year to consider releasing next installment to Awardee.
  21. Minimum information/ commitment required from Host Institutions?
    1. Access to all common infrastructural facilities, acceptable laboratory and office space ( independently or on shared basis), computing, library access, etc.,
    2. Information on whether desirable new areas/directions of research are being introduced through this scheme,
    3. Information on whether the INSPIRE Faculty will be allowed to supervise PhD students, hire research fellows, independently or jointly with a permanent faculty member,
    4. Host-institution’s willingness to consider the candidate for a permanent position in due course, subject to meeting statutory requirements.
  22. How many numbers of days leave am I entitled in a year?
    During the tenure an awardee will be governed by rules and regulations of Host Institute regarding all types of leave or any other matters related to Faculty Award.
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  23. Is the Faculty Award Amount Taxable?
    Yes, as per Income Tax act, it is taxable.
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  24. What documents a faculty awardee need to submit after receiving the offer letter?
    1. Undertaking signed by Awardee and Host Institute
    2. Bank detail of Host Institute
    3. Breakup on usage of Research Grant
    4. Joining Report
    The blank formats are available at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in.
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  25. Is there any Breakup of Award amount?
    Award amount is consolidated (all inclusive). Break-up will not be feasible to provide.
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  26. How will I receive Award amount and Research Grant after submitting required documents? 
    The Faculty Award amount and Research Grant will be transferred to the Host Institute annually. Copy of the sanction letter will be sent to awardee as well as Host Institute.
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  27. When to submit reports and when evaluation will be done?
    Awardee shall be required to submit Annual Progress Report to DST- Indian National Science Academy (INSA) INSPIRE Cell. Performance evaluation at the end of two (2) and 4 (four) years shall be done on the progress of research achieved by a national level Expert Committee and further continuation of support to each Awardee shall depend upon the performance assessment by the Committee.
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  28. What I need to do to get next installment?
    Awardees need to submit Utilization Certificate, Statement of Expenditure and Annual Report as per the formats available at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in, at the end of every year through Host Institute for receiving the next installment.
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  29. I have to wait for my bank details to be approved before submitting my joining acceptance documents.
    The bank detail submission page consists of a selected bank details list already approved by DST. If you select the required bank detail from the list, you do not have to wait for its approval and can move forward directly to upload your joining acceptance. [Back To Top]

INSPIRE Fellowship Legacy Users

  1. How to register as a legacy user?
    Register at the place for legacy user http://online-inspire.gov.in/Account/RegisterLegacyUsers?Length=7, only. Please do not register as new user.
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  2. I have already submitted the Hard copy of financial documents shall I need to upload again the same financial document in online portal?
    If you have submitted before December 2014, no need to submit it again in online portal. If you have submitted hard copy after December 2014 you need to upload in online portal only.
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  3. I have uploaded my financial documents in online portal, shall I need to submit the hard copy to DST?
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  4. I had registered myself in online portal system but there is no uploading option for financial documents upload?
    You perhaps registered yourself as new user. Please register as legacy user.
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  5. I am filling correct details while registering myself in online portal, still it is not accepting and verifying my details?
    You please make sure that you are filling correct details:
    Program Name:        Existing Fellowship Student
    Registration Number:
    Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyy):
    Subject Code:
    Subject code and DOB should be the same as given you in your first application.
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  6. My annual report size is more than the limit, how to upload that?
    Please provide only important information and reduce the size of the file.
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  7. How to show the expenditure details in SE and UC if If I joined in between financial year.
    In such case you have to provide two Utilization certificates.
    First one would be up to March and second (provisional) one would be up to complete utilization of fellowship.
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  8. Shall I need to give previous expenditure details in columns given in Statement of Expenditure?
    Yes you have to.
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  9. Is it mandatory to register myself in online portal?
    Yes. We are not accepting any hard copy from the month of January for any further release process. You need to upload in online portal only till any further notification comes in this regard.
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