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Hi !, I am Shyam Krishnamurthy . I run “The Interview Portal”, an exclusive collection of career stories of professionals who thought and acted differently, pursuing the careers they loved.

Though i consider myself successful from the perspective of society, I always felt that i could have done better had I chosen the right career for myself. We always do well when we do something we enjoy. With this in mind, I founded “The Interview Portal”

With this initiative, we hope to make a difference by helping the next generation make their own career choices guided by their aspirations instead of peer pressure, parental pressure and societal pressure.

To give you a background about myself, I used to be an aimless student after school, sleepwalking through engineering. I did BE in Electronics & Communication without having an iota of knowledge about the stream.

I completed engineering just at the beginning of the IT revolution. On a cold snowy morning in Nov 1996, i landed in the John F Kennedy Airport (JFK, New York), sent to the US on a H1B Visa. My 8 years of stay in the US was a revelation, being away from home and out of the shadow of my parents. This helped me gain independence and for the first time, i decided to take the GMAT on my own interest. I did well and got admission into the MBA program at New York University, Stern School of Business. I majored in Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to do an MBA, 2000-2002 (pun intended) when two major things happened 1) The twin World Trade Centers Bombing (which i witnessed in front of my eyes, from my office at 55th Street, Madison Venue, NYC on the 22nd floor) and 2) Dot-com bust. But doing my MBA during these times taught me a lot on how to handle risks.

You can read my full story here

After graduating, i came back to India and worked for several B2B Product Companies/Startups such as Informatica (Product Management), Success Factors (Data Architect) and DataRPM (Solution Architect). But i still had a nagging feeling that i didnt do anything meaningful especially based on my own experiences as a student.

After a lot of deliberation, the idea of “The Interview Portal”unraveled in my mind. I saw myself in every student who wants to understand why they study what they study. I also wanted to capture the real life experiences that i and other professionals went through because those are the best career lessons for students.

We founded The Interview Portal after having spoken to so many youngsters who are yet to begin their career as well as those who are in high school, we constantly see that they lack proper guidance on what paths they could pursue based on their interests. A person spends atleast 40 years of their life working and its best that whatever path they choose, it is something that they love doing keeping an eye on financial sustainability. Thinking about it another way, a sportsperson would rather spend 15 hours of his/her day playing cricket without getting bored while a nature lover would probably do the same exploring forests and wild life. So coming to the root of the problem, how can we help make this decision easier for the youngsters and their parents.

We seek out Pathbreakers, those who didn’t give in to the IIT/NEET or entrance exam craze, but chose a smarter way of achieving their goals based on a unique thought process and approach. Our pathbreakers are the role models for the next generation.We not only cover their career path but also what they do, what we call “Career Concept” so students understand each career and its context in the real world.

The purpose of this initiative is to help parents and students by providing them enough information to make informed career choices through several interviews of different professionals who were students themselves. All interviews are categorized by subjects and areas of interest. The story based approach is easy to understand and tracks the professional’s life from childhood to graduation to employment which provides a clear career path. 

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