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Career selection is the biggest challenge for students today. While 20 years back there was lack of information about different careers, the problem is completely opposite today. Google provides so much of information that it is easy for a student to be lost in a plethora of information !

There are several career counselling sites today that offer services to schools where they assess the aptitude of the student and suggest appropriate careers. The assumption is, if a child has very good skills in certain areas (like reading or drawing or speaking) they should pursue careers that require those skills.

While we arent against these initiatives we would like to share with you a few interesting examples. When you go to a circus, you see several animals such as lions, tigers, bears and monkeys performing stunts. The stunts they perform are phenomenal and makes us wonder how skillful they are. But when we look at these animals we pity them . They perform these stunts without any interest. Similarly we believe the skill level of a person in a certain area has nothing to do with their interest in that area. Of course it could be a coincidence that someone who is very skilled at a task might also be interested in such a career but not necessarily so.

The other problem with aptitude matching is the spoon feeding involved in shortlisting possible careers for students. If you look at the history of successful students most of them have done painstaking research to go through different career options until they decided to pursue a certain career. The more you cultivate independent thinking in a student the sooner they will make their own career decisions. This independent thinking also helps them if they have to take critical decisions later on, if things dont turn out the way they expected and hence pick up new skills in another related career. These things cannot be spoon fed.

Looking at the above challenges, we came up with the idea of The Interview Portal. A collection of thousands of career interviews of professionals from different walks of life. These interviews provide career guidance to students without any spoon feeding and encourage research by students themselves through a simple interface. Moreover, our approach is focused on interest rather than skill. We believe that a student can learn skills in an area as long as they are interested in pursuing a career in that area.

We believe that if we start working with students from an early stage (class 8) we can help them self-assess their interests in different areas and gradually lay the foundation of independent thinking and skill building through research and focus.

Our goal is to reach out to schools and colleges from class 8 to graduation through the following sessions.

Career Exposure (Class 8)

Career Discovery (Class 9)

Career Mapping (Class 10)

Career Approach & Planning (Class 11 & 12)

Please contact us at 9486148466 for your needs.

We WILL NOT spoon feed students but play the roles of facilitators who engage students in interesting discussions on various challenges the world faces and how they can play an important role through their professional careers in addressing these challenges.

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