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GeoScientist Interview

Our Interview of Surjya Ghosh who conducts research in the field of Affective Computing !

Our Interview of Anirudha Lakshminarasimhan, , Senior Scientist at TIGS
Career Guidance Workshop at IIT Madras –
Our Interview of Hritwick Banerjee, doing his PhD at EPFL
Our interview of Evolutionary Biologist Kartik Sunagar, Evolutionary Venomics Lab at IISc, Bangalore –
Our interview of Managing Director, Vericlone Tissue Technology –
Our Interview of Environmental Economist Megha Nath shared by Madras School of Economics
Our Interview of Aerosol Researcher Jai Prakash shared by IndiaAQ Hub
Our interview of Science Illustrator Gopikrishna Pillai shared by Impact Science
Our Interview of Science Communicator Anupama Prakash shared by Impact Science

Our interview of Clinical Immunologist Kasturi Bannerjee published by IISER
Our Interview of Sports Engineer Prashanth Peketi re-published by Ohio State University.
Our Interview published on Anderson Diagnostics website.Right-Click to open.
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