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“Core Engineering” Career Program

As the world adapts to a “new normal”, schools and colleges also need to prepare for the challenges of the future by moulding students to build a life for themselves, by focusing on careers for the “New Age”.

Gone are the days when a school could be proud of the achievements of their students who scored top ranks in board exams or JEE. Colleges need to groom their students to discover themselves and choose a career aligned with their interests and help them build the skills needed to achieve their dreams without fear, not to mention the looming threat of Artificial Intelligence machines taking away jobs.

The Interview Portal, armed with the experience of interviewing thousands of professionals, is launching our “Core Engineering” program for schools and colleges who would like to expose their students to an amazing range of “diverse “New Age” careers in science & engineering, allowing students to follow their own aspirations without being driven by peer pressure.

The “Core Engineering” Program (Schools & Colleges) :

Our “Core Engineering” career program is designed primarily for engineering colleges who want to guide their students to focus on core engineering streams instead of IT or MBA.

The last few years have shown us the need for a strong engineering foundation to not only build a stable career but also tackle various challenges that our society faces based on sound engineering principles.

We have been conducting “stream specific” (Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Chemical, Electrical etc) workshops for 2nd and 4th year engineering students with the following goals – 

1) Masters/PhD in India in specific engineering streams

2) Careers in the “New Age” (Sustainable Design, Renewable Energy, Mechatronics/Robotics, Space, Automobiles, Policy, Research etc)

3) Strategies to get scholarships/job opportunities in their respective fields

Contact us at with subject “Core Engineering Workshop” or call us at 9486148466. Here are some photos of our work

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