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When Abhinav Bindra, the ace shooter, said “You are amazing“, his compliments were buzzing in the ears of the sensational Sand artist, Rahul Arya, while performing for an event on 26th January.

Achieving fame and reverence for Rahul doesn’t starts here and neither does it ends here. From a Sony TV show in the year, 2007 to the 2016 South Asian Games Event, Rahul has presented his spectacular sand art entertaining millions of people in the world. At the South Asian Games, Guwahati, Rahul’s Sand Art inaugurated the event, and it was presented in front of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

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What is your background?

 Graduated as an engineer from one of India’s premier college, Rahul is not just a Sand Artist, but also an entrepreneur who founded a film production house, Flying Rock Studio and his persistence to achieve something bigger in life will advance him to the next level in his career.

Suke India is grateful to host an interview with this celebrity, who has dedicated his achievements to his dad whom he symbolizes as his inspiration all the way throughout the life’s journey. Irrespective of his busy schedule he has managed to spare some time to share the moments of life with us and his followers.

Suke India: From an IITan to “Rahul Arya the Sand Artist”, describe your journey in a sentence. How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

Rahul: Yes, I’ve completed Engineering & Masters from IIT Mumbai, but my love for drawings was from childhood, when we used to draw friendship day greetings for our friends. In my childhood, I used to love our first Alto car and enjoyed cleaning it. Whenever the car’s windshield was filled with dust, I used to scribble patterns on the sand with my fingers. That’s how it all started.

FAME: Fame is like the Dust of Sands on a Car’s windshield. It travels from one car to another. If it settles for long; it makes you blind for upcoming creativity.

Suke India: Are there any hidden messages, or deeper ideas that you try to convey in your art?

Rahul: Well, my Dad is the sole inspiration of my work, whom I lost recently. My every story has a message, mostly influenced how my dad used to see the world.  “Sometimes, we have to unlearn to match up with the youth”.
“Your last failure will not be your last failure.”

Suke India: How did people react when you started sand art animation, and after transforming it to a career?

Rahul: Well, First most difficult to convince yourself; then the  society. it’s not easy to convey you are an Artist. , I had to go through a difficult time to convince all & give my 100% dedication what I had believed in; regardless of fear of success/failure. “When your loss is big, then your success will be bigger” is something I say and uphold.

Suke India: How did it feel, the first time you were featured on Indian Television?

Rahul: I started professional Sand Art since 2007. However, my major breakthrough was when I won ‘Entertainment ke liye Kuch bhi Karega’, a SONY TV show, after which my association with ‘Wizcraft’ grew stronger. In our society, the path of an artist in the entertainment industry was considered inferior to being a Doctor or an Engineer. Being an IITian was considered more reputed.
Suke India: Your art has been praised by popular figures, including Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Actors etc. Whose opinion matters to you the most?

Rahul: I had Sachin’s Posters on the walls like many of us in childhood. And now, when Sachin Tendulkar called me and addressed me by name. When your idol knows you by name there’s nothing more important than this. Also, I was born in the year when Sachin started playing for India.

Suke India: What was your motivation behind sand art animation?

Rahul: I believe that I see things a little differently from others. This seemed to be out of norms for my teachers. I always tried to do something different in all the Drawing and Art competitions during school days and that motivated me a lot to pursue and experimenting something new. I slowly took the childhood hobby to greater scale. The rest is a matter of “Trial and Error”. You’ve got to keep trying and someday all the hard work will pay off.

Suke India: How do you imagine your present, if you hadn’t decided to become a sand animation artist?

Rahul: Firstly, That’s the most Interesting question, I’ve ever been asked. Well, Maybe then I might be working as a Computer Engineer in a MNC, and by now I might have been married to a Doctor/Engineer Girl, that’s how stereotypical society we live in. But I would’ve still been pursuing my passion for Art/Paintings in a close cabin on Weekends.

Suke IndiaIn India, aspiring to become an Engineer or a Doctor is encouraged by many parents. As an engineering graduate, what is your advice to students who dream to choose an artist’s path (or any other stream) in life?

Rahul: I still believe India is a Nation of over 65% Youth population; and they’re going to decide the country’s future. And any successful Nation needs Designers, Musicians, Dancers as much as they need Engineers and Doctors. Choose to be a Doctor if you really Love to study Medicine, and not because someone in family expects that degree from you. I spent all my years struggling to find my real passion for arts. As they say; Every child is Special. Dear Society, Let them be special.

Suke India: Of the countless extraordinary visuals you have created, which one is your favourite?

Rahul: When I created 100 Years of Bollywood. I believe that sums up my Love for Bollywood & for Sand Art beautifully.

Suke India: How was your student life in college?

Rahul: Ask my Teachers. They had No hope of me as an Engineer. I survived somehow. More than front notes, back pages of my notebook will tell you the whole story of what I was drawing on Last bench in Engineering Lecture.

Suke India: Are there any specific topics that you plan to illustrate (animate), in the near future?

Rahul:  Never tell your Future Goals to anyone.

Suke India: Which is the most memorable moment in your career?

Rahul: When Airport security halted me from carrying Sand in Flight, it took me 8 seconds to prove that this is real Sand used for Sand Art and even they separately examined the Sand Particles for explosive or Narcotics. Found nothing wrong, he obviously didn’t recognize me and asked to prove if I’m an Artist. Well, all I had is their table and my Sand. So I quickly grabbed a little Sand from their sample & drawn a quick stroke of fingers in 8 seconds and all the security personnels turned to me applauding and taking selfies. That was my Most memorable performance at #Ranchi #Airport.

Suke India: Apart from sand art animation is there any new project that you have been working on?

Rahul: Yes, we’ve initiated #SandArt Projection Mapping.

Suke India: Do you have plans to teach sand art animation, to a new generation?

Rahul: I’ve been putting up Online free videos of Teaching Sand Art basics. I don’t want any other artist to go through the difficulty of learning Arts, as I had been through. Hence, I’m actively taking workshops & online tutorials for Sand Art from last 7 years.

Suke India: Any message for the young, aspiring artists?

Rahul: “Sometimes, we have to unlearn to match up with the youth”.
“Your last failure, will not be your last failure.