Please tell us about yourself

“Magic is the experience of the impossible” says Ayush Bisaria, one of the leading close up illusionists of the time in India. This young magician makes you believe that when your passion turns into profession, it does wonders. And makes you go places!

For the first time, Ayush got intrigued and fascinated by magic after watching David Blaine’s Street Magic Special on AXN. He was mesmerized seeing Blaine approaching people on the streets, makings cards disappear, showing superhuman strength and soaring spookily above the ground. ‘I was lost in his magic, got goosebumps and couldn’t take my mind off from he was doing’ Ayush laughs.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

From that day magic became a passion for him and he dunked himself in this mystic art. He started learning from books and self-experimentation, exploring more each moment. But life was on a run and he went on to attend his college at NIT Jalandhar. He studied Chemical Engineering, but kept is magic fever on. Soon he got into a technical job with Kirloskar, but his heart wasn’t in it.

He felt something is missing, something is not going right and he switched off to another job at Landmark group, thinking he will find his solace and satisfaction. Though he enjoyed working with the group, but the old pull of magic remained. He couldn’t part with it.

Others could have supposed it as his innocent hobby or a passing fascination, but he knew it was something that refused to go away from his mind. And finally he took the biggest step of his life, quitting his job.

“I loved working at Landmark, but I soon realized that this is not the place for me. I decided to move on and live for a stronger passion of mine – ‘Magic.’ It was the most difficult decision I have ever taken in my life”, Ayush says. Well it is, for anyone. Leaving a settled life for a passion that many don’t understand. He took a break and alighted in Bangalore to learn advanced aspects of magic.

How did you switch to Magic a career?

However it was not that easy, there was no apt place to learn magic plus he lost touch with magic during his job. But he was determined to prove himself and kept acquiring through books and online sources. A major turn came when he met another brilliant magician, Allan Louie, who helped him rediscover magic. Helped him with his efforts and dreams. And there was no looking back for him since then. He started doing part time magic and continued for around 3 years.

“This gave me a lot of confidence and power to perform full time magic. Another magician friend of mine, Aakarsh Bhatt also helped me tremendously in my journey and living my dream as a professional magician’ Ayush smiles.

What does an illusionist do?

Like his childhood hero David Blaine, Ayush, grew into a close up illusionist. He explains, “The most powerful and strongest form of entertainment magic is the one which occurs right under the nose of the spectator or even better in their own hands. Close up or strolling magic makes this possible.

Sleight of hand illusions with cards, coins and borrowed objects from the spectators; mind reading and psychological illusions, performed on the spot either individually or in a small group of people, leaving them with awe and wonder.” Unlike conventional magicians who perform on enormous stages with impressive sets and lighting, Ayush prefers getting up close to his audience, interacting with them and pulling off elaborate magic tricks right under their nose. “People are excited to be deceived at an arm’s length,” he says.

Tell us about one of your professional experiences?

His first ever-professional performance was for Accenture in Bangalore. “Very scary, yet an extremely exciting experience,” according to Ayush. He messed up a trick he had been doing since college, which gave him a valuable lesson that there is a huge difference between performing for fun and performing professionally. He took it seriously; started working on that and today he specializes in close up magic, mostly done in pubs and star hotel lounges for their guests and customers.

Till now he has done over 100 such shows in Bangalore and travelled outside for few. Ayush has performed his critically acclaimed show “Cardiac Arrest” all over India including corporate clients like Accenture, Dell, MetLife and many others.

Apart from being a highly skilled sleight of hand magician, Ayush has an exclusive, intelligent and interesting style of performance that makes him distinctive from many of his peers. He promises his audience an amazing mix of sleight of hand magic, misdirection and mindreading delivered with wit and style.

What were the challenges you faced?

When asked about challenges he face with his profession, he says, ‘There is only one challenge that sometimes I have to deal with, loud music in the venue. But I work around that by performing hyper visual magic, that requires minimum or no talking.’

Freelancing has its own challenges, you need to work hard, set up a strong profile, connect with your audience, keep yourself updated, energized and develop a market for yourself. Sounds tough but he is following his passion and he loves everything about it. ‘Its totally worth it, worth all hard decisions I have taken and I am happy with what I am doing in my life.

Your future goals?

While things are looking up and are all bright and sunny for Ayush, he’s says he still has a long way to go. His future goals include performing magic in as many different and diverse venues and cities as possible. It’s not that easy for a beginner.

My magic is for the grown ups, its refreshing and revolutionary and creates an extraordinary moment for those who experience it. And I love performing it every single time, Ayush beams.