Please tell us about yourself. 

Aanjum Elahi is an Indian DJ popularly known as DJ Blue. Known for spinning out groovy tracks to party folks, this Guwahati-based DJ started off his journey as a disk jockey in 2007 and hasn’t looked back ever since. In a very short span of time, his tunes managed to make a mark in the music and entertainment industry.

Born in Lakhimpur district of Assam, Aanjum did his schooling from Dehradun and went to Delhi to pursue engineering for graduation. Aanjum has had an interest in music since a very young age, but it was during his graduation years in Delhi that he came to know about DJ as a profession and soon his interest in the field grew.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

After graduating with a degree in electronic and communication engineering, Aanjum landed a job at TCS Chennai. He shifted to Chennai where he also pursued DJing alongside his job. Soon, he left his job to be a full time DJ for better name and fame. Speaking to G Plus about breaking the news to his parents, who are both professors by profession, Aanjum said, “I had a regular desk job earlier, working at TCS Chennai. But I soon got bored with it and decided to call it quits. When I broke the news of taking up DJing as a profession to my parents, they were completely against it. But over the course of time, they started to understand the prospects of a career in the music and entertainment industry. It took quite a lot of persuasion and discussion to make them understand.”

Tell us about your career path.

He started his career as DJ Blue in 2007, but switched his stage name to “Dee J Blue.base on you face” in 2012 when he started DJing professionally. With support and encouragement from his friends, Aanjum is a self taught DJ who learnt mostly by watching videos on YouTube. Aanjum started his career as a DJ at a popular club in Guwahati. After performing as the resident DJ for the club for a few months, he shifted to Delhi where he started working independently. Widely known for enthralling the crowd with his tunes, DJ Blue has made a mark in the party circuits of Guwahati as well as metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and abroad.

When asked about what inspired him to take up DJing as a profession, he said, “My biggest inspiration is DJ Goa Gil, who is around 65 years old and still going strong. Specialising in Trance music, his undying passion for music and his ability to make the crowd go crazy with his skills continues to inspire me throughout my journey.”

Being associated with the industry since 2012, he has performed with various artists like Zubeen Garg, Nikhil Chinappa, Dallas Candy and Darshan Rawal to name a few. He has also done live shows with the Dance India Dance famed actor/dancer, Raghav Juyal.

He has performed at some of the most popular and renowned clubs of the country including Kitty Su, Privee, Raasta and Mafioso. He has also performed at various events like the Electric Mahadev Festival of Kasol.

What are the career prospects for a DJ? What do you love about being a DJ?

Speaking about the DJing scene of Guwahati, he says, “The music and DJ scene of Guwahati and northeast as a whole has always been top-notch, and it’s only getting better with time. There are some really amazing disk jockeys in Guwahati currently. More and more youngsters are now looking at DJing as a professional career and are doing their best in the field.”

While Aanjum has a knack of playing any musical instrument and is open to all kinds of sounds, he’s mostly interested in progressive house, electronic music and Bollywood. One of the most sought after DJs of the country, Aanjum’s DJ sessions are adrenaline pumping and high on energy.

Advice to students?

On being asked for a message to the aspiring DJs, DJ Blue said, “If you really want to be a noted DJ, then do it professionally and start producing your own music. Do not be a DJ in order to get free drinks in clubs or to get along with girls. Become successful, and these things will come to you automatically.”

Currently, Aanjum is well settled in Delhi where he often performs. He has also been travelling to a lot of places for shows and is focusing on producing his first album. He considers his patience and controlling powers as his biggest strengths as a disk jockey and says patience is the key to achieve all goals.