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She is a highly qualified subject matter expert who is on a continuous learning journey, consulted by many in her profession in India and abroad.

For Dr. Pradnya, love and passion for animal well-being, empathy for pets and their owners, communication skills and dedication have been the contributory success factors.

Reading her interview will be insightful, motivating and will give direction to people who have love and passion for working with animals.

Read on to find what she has to share about her profession and Veterinary practice.

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CB5: Dr. Pradnya Please share some detail about your current professional activities. What do you do?

Dr. Pradnya: I am a small animal veterinarian  – I treat cats, dogs, birds, and turtles. I have been practicing in Pune since 1995. My clinic – “PETS CLINIC” offers a complete range of veterinary services including physical examination, vaccination, diagnosis and treatment, spay/neutering, dental care, surgical care, blood work and preventive medicine.

CB5: What is the degree that one needs to practice as a veterinarian? How did you decide on such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career? What made you select this line of study?

Dr. Pradnya: My basic degree is Bachelors of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc); thereafter I did Masters in Veterinary Medicine (M.V.Sc) in Mumbai and then another Masters in the US – MS Small Animal Surgery.

As a school going girl (1970-80) I had many options to decide like Theater, TV (was a new opening in 1970’s in India), studying law. But I took our pet Pomeranian dog – Bosky to a veterinarian in Mumbai – Dr. Doshi and then I decided I would be a Veterinarian. The Vet’s way of handling my dog and other patients, his client interaction – all impressed me as a 10th-12th std girl and helped me to choose my career.

CB5: How did you begin your profession?

Dr. Pradnya: Soon after I completed my M.V.Sc, I started working. First I did house visits, but I soon realized the need of having a clinic, where the patients can be treated in-house and “ PETS CLINIC” was set up in 1990.

CB5: What do you enjoy most about your job as a Veterinarian?

Dr. Pradnya: The most rewarding/enjoyable part of my profession is to treat and help animals on a daily basis,The chance to promote health of the pets, the joy of resolving a dystocia (difficult labor) and holding the newly born puppy/kitten in your hands, a very sick animal who walks with a wagging tail. The happiness is endless!

Also to relieve the pet of its suffering that has experienced terminal or chronic illnesses is not enjoyable but satisfying that as a vet, I could help them cross the rainbow bridge in the least painful way.

CB5: In your opinion what are your success factors? What elements about your personality help in this success?

Dr. Pradnya: Success factors:

a) Communication skills- very important. Through talking, listening to owners, observing the body language of owners

b) Scientific knowledge- The training and skills achieved during rigorous learning years. Knowledge of anatomy, diseases and behavior patterns.

c) Empathy/ Compassion- Towards both – animals and their owners. To be able to put animals and their owners at ease during their visit.

d) Dedication and passion for animals

e) Being available and

f) Quick decision making

CB5: What are the significant achievements in your present career that you would like our readers to know?

Dr. Pradnya: 27 years ago I started a very basic clinic, where I would treat and vaccinate animals. Now we have a full-fledged clinic with facilities for advanced care and referrals. New graduates are interested in learning/practicing at my clinic. Few students have also started their own practice after working with me or have gone abroad to work or practice.

Academically, I was awarded the Rotary International Scholarship to pursue Masters Degree in Small Animal Surgery in the US and last year an Externship in Ophthalmology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Israel.

CB5: What were some of the sacrifices you had to make to reach the level of success that you have achieved?

Dr. Pradnya: Long years of Study –  almost 7-8 years.

It hurts/ pains when I have to euthanize an animal/pet

One has to be on call – No private life

Physically and mentally demanding. Sometimes emotionally too.

CB5: Would you have any advice for the younger generation, especially someone who is at crossroads trying to select an education path, say someone between ages 14-21 years?

Dr. Pradnya: Those who want to be Veterinarians- think, think and think….

You have to love and have a passion for animals. This is not a getaway if you don’t get into medical school.

If you are here to make money, you are greatly mistaken. You are in the wrong profession! Expect to earn 15%-25% less of what human doctors make. Expect to work long hours, not get lunch, stay late after work. You have to witness a lot of sad (very sad) and depressing cases. Have to deal with owner’s who are unhappy/stressed out.

Being a Veterinarian is not glamorous. It is often very depressing, heart-wrenching job.

CB5: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Dr. Pradnya: I love my job. I have passion for animal well-being and I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else as a career

CB5: Thank You for the wonderful interview. We are sure that your words of experience will help our young readers and parents gain better insight about Veterinary Doctor as a Profession.

CB5: That was Dr. Pradnya Dhokrikar- Small Animal Veterinarian, giving us deep insights on her experiences in choosing and rising in the profession.

Hope this gives our readers a new perspective about Veterinary Doctor as a Profession …