Students have always been taught to have career goals in life ! And then they are supposed to work hard to meet those career goals.

But based on our experience we beg to disagree with what we have been taught. Today iam going to give you an analogy to put across my perspective on careers.

All of us have travelled several times during our life. Most of our trips are planned based on a destination and our efforts are focused on reaching the destination.  As a result we fail to enjoy our journey and the experience that comes with it. However there are certain trips that we undertake just for the sake of the journey itself, not the destination. Thats what we call “The Road to Nowhere” . Just imagine for a moment, that you dont have a place to reach  or a time schedule to stick to . You slow down ,talk to people on the way, inhale fresh breathe of air and experience the wonderful scenery . You live the moment.

A career needs to be approached in a similar way. Rather than a specific goal, have a broader vision or direction. A goal doesnt make sense in today’s fluid world where things are so dynamic. When you travel on the road to nowhere, you explore the path, making changes to your route. Your direction is fairly consistent but the path you take changes based on the direction that you are headed. However the thing to keep in mind is what keeps you going is the fuel and those are your skills. As long as you have the skills , you can enjoy your career journey on the road to nowhere, meeting people, enjoying your experiences and carving out new paths for yourself.

There are several professionals in the fields of music, design, animation, conservation etc who have done this and enjoyed their journey filled with twists and turns. The key thing to evaluate is if you have made any progress from where you started. Looking back at how far you have come is a great reminder of the challenges you have faced and the success achieved in your career so far. Thats your experience !

Dont worry about a specific goal. Have a broader vision or direction for where you are headed and enjoy the trip of life all the way! The road to nowhere doesnt end 🙂