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RJ Praveen who is known for his witty remarks and great sense of humour has a wide fan base among the audience listening to radio. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the talented and witty radio jockey at RED FM 93.5 studio. Excerpts..

How did you become a radio jockey? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

RJ Praveen- I was in second year of my college and I was doing mimicry and such stuff. I listened to the radio jockeys of the other stations and I realized that I can also do this. So I came to the RED FM office and I gave the interview. I got selected and then after two months of internship, I joined as a radio jockey.

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Indian parents mostly want their kids to become engineers, doctors or opt for government jobs. How did they handle your decision of becoming a radio jockey?

RJ Praveen- My father wanted me to complete my graduation and then continue with this job. He was also not convinced whether I will be getting paid or not. But they have supported me much in my journey. I have proved them wrong and now they are proud of me.

How much important is a script for a show?

RJ Praveen- I dislike scripts for a show. Scripts are important for newcomers. I may sound pompous but I belong to the old school who believes in doing things impromptu. When you follow a script, it becomes very tedious and boring. But when you do things spontaneously, people connect more with you and enjoy more. For instance, if I make a mistake and admit it on the show, people will feel more for me. As they will be able to connect with me!!

What are the three essential qualities of being a radio jockey?

RJ Praveen- One must be spontaneous, witty and must know how to take the communication forward. Many people tend to think that having a good voice will do the trick. But that is not so. Communication is very important and knowing how to keep the conversation going on is very essential.

What is the next level of radio?

RJ Praveen- Prank calls, creative interviews, shayeris-all have been done. So I thought of doing something new. I created a show The Headphone Show, which is of two minute duration. This have to be heard on the headphone and the audience will feel a 3D sound effect. I created it with the help of my sound engineer and the other team members. This is for the first time that a 3D radio show was created. We won awards for this show.

You have taken many interviews. Which is your memorable interview?

RJ Praveen- My memorable interview is the one that I took of Amitabh Bachchan. He was in a bad mood but since I had hosted the press conference he knew my face. So when I entered the room he saw a similar face and the interview which was scheduled to be for five minutes ran for about fifteen minutes. That was indeed a memorable interview.

Do you have a wish list of people who want to interview?

RJ Praveen- Sachin Tendulkar is on my wish list of people I want to interview. That will indeed be dream come true for me.

What tips will you like to give to the new radio jockeys?

RJ Praveen- Be natural. Do not try to force yourself to be humorous or witty. With the passing of time, you will learn the nuances of the job. When I first joined, I was pretty bad. But I learned the art. Take the example of Kapil Sharma. When you compare the performance that he used to give earlier with the ones that he gives now, there is a lot of difference. It did not happen in a day. He practised and laboured to get it right.

What is your message for your fans?

RJ Praveen- Keep listening to my shows and keep showering the show with the love and affection always!!

We hope RJ Praveen continues with his job and keep bringing a smile on the face of his listeners in the coming days too!!