Tell us about yourself. 

Swati Goyal is currently involved in a project she defines as her “internship dream come true”.A chance lecture in Ramjas College opened Swati Goyal’s eyes to a “Green” world of opportunities, paving her way to TERI University

What did you study?

I did my BSc from Ramjas College (Life Sciences) and Master’s Degree (GeoInformatics) from Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Tell us about your experience at TERI

Swati Goyal is currently involved in a project she defines as her “internship dream come true”. Currently in the final year of her MSc in Geoinformatics at the TERI University, Swati is interning – on a stipend, with Intergraph SG & I India Pvt. Ltd. Along with one other intern, also from TERI U, Swati is on the team tasked with building the portal for a National GIS Project. This project is sponsored by National Informatics Centre (NIC).

“My current area of focus is the habitat modelling of the Musk Deer”, Swati tells us. “I am doing this using neuro-fuzzy logic techniques for mapping the presence data of the Musk Deer, obtained through GIS, in the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda watersheds.”

Swati relates how managing and updating the spatial satellite database of all the states of India has been an “extremely challenging task”. However, she says, it was made easier by what she learnt in the first three semesters at the TERI University. Swati believes that the expertise of faculty members at the University, makes the learning experience quite inspirational.

“Being a TERI U student is the icing on the cake”, she proudly states. “The classroom teaching is absolutely cutting-edge. There are numerous opportunities to interact with experts from the industry. The major advantage is that the credentials of TERI University provide us with a platform to reach out to the relevant industries for internships and projects.”

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career?

Interestingly, Swati’s enthusiasm for the field of Environment and Geoinformatics developed in the final year of her bachelor’s degree. In the last semester during her graduation in Life Sciences from Ramjas College of Delhi University (DU), Swati attended a 3-hour lecture on the subject of the “Environment”. It was here that she was first introduced to the term “Geo-information Science”. The three hour lecture on GIS kept her enthralled as she realized the immense versatility and global applicability of the concept. From the usage of GIS as a navigation tool, Google Earth and maps, to disaster management after earthquakes and hurricanes, to tracking animal migration patterns, the uses of GIS seemed endless. The decision to take up an MSc in Geoinformatics with TERI U, therefore, followed almost spontaneously.

“TERI U is recognized globally for its contribution to sustainable development and scientific & policy research in the realms of energy and environment”, Swati says with immense pride. “So in order to get a good education in my interest area I found TERI U the best. TERI U has many fantastic qualities: course structure, dedicated faculty, organisation of different seminars, lectures from renowned professors of different universities worldwide, field trips that introduce students to the realistic scenario. All of this helps us gain a perspective of the current technology and subjects that need to be addressed in the context of our environment.”

With her stint as a Project Engineer at Intergraph, Swati now feels a more rounded Geoinformatics professional, capable of working on projects independently.