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  • How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

I chose HEC Paris specifically for the program it offered on Sustainability. A top business school in Europe, HEC promised to provide a business outlook to environmental and social issues throwing light on new business practices in a rapidly changing global environment. In addition to providing an enriched course curriculum, the school also boasts of great faculty and an unparalleled learning environment.

  • What did you study?

Before coming to HEC, i did my Bachelors from Delhi University (Economics)

  • What have you gained from the HEC MSc (from a personal or professional perspective)?

The year spent at HEC has allowed me to grow tremendously, both personally and professionally. From a professional standpoint, the MSc in Sustainable Development allowed me to strengthen my existing understanding of the functionality of businesses and their scope and need for development. It provided me with a global perspective on environmental stakes and the know-how to implement strategic change at a grassroot level and in a business environment. Additionally, the year helped me build a strong professional network and gain exposure to the industry and activities within the domain of sustainability. From a personal standpoint I learnt a lot during this year at HEC. The MSc brought together a group of people who fundamentally shared similar concerns, came from diverse backgrounds and cultures yet had different perspectives and opinions which made the year truly exciting. Outside the classroom, HEC allows you to meet students from various other programs in Finance, Economics, Strategy, Marketing, MBA and many others.

  • Courses, conferences, meetings, outings. What are the most significant memories of your year at HEC Paris?

In addition to the classroom experience which served as a powerful platform for discussions and debates, the study trip to Madagascar organised by the class was an experience of a lifetime. A group of 30 students, passionate about sustainability travelled through the length of the country to understand the environmental, social and economic needs of the country. The opportunity to meet with the local population and development organisations working on issues related to the environment, communities, energy, bidiversity and health provided a learning of a very different kind.

  • Did you choose to participate in one of the Certificate programs at HEC, and if so, which one? What did you gain through this program?

I participated in the Energy & Finance Certificate sponsored by Deloitte and Societe General. The 6 week intensive program gave great insight into the geopolitics and the physical and technological aspects of energy while adressing climate change issues. It also provided detailed insights into the energy commodity markets, project finance, energy financial markets and risk mitigation tools. The certificate was very focussed in its content and approach and provided me with specific knowledge and tools within the energy and climate change domain.

  • What have been your career achievements so far?

While writing my thesis, I pursued a 6-month internship with the United Nations Environment Program in Paris. After graduation, I have been working in Singapore with the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development of Singapore.

Currently, I’m working with the BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings, a center collaborating with UNEP, on furthering sustainable building policies in South East Asia.

  • What advices would you give to students who aspire to subscribe to HEC MSc?

If you are looking for great education coupled with all-round growth and development, HEC is the place for you!