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Can you tell us about your background?

“I grew up in India,” Nishita explains, “and I saw a lot of need for development there.” This need for building was what inspired her to pursue a construction engineering degree. “Every summer, there would be a drastic change. I would always see a new structure, and that’s what really got me interested in working with the construction industry.”

What did you study?

After choosing to study engineering at Purdue, Nishita quickly fell in love with the practical side of CEM after seeing Brandon Fulk, Director of Internships, give a presentation in her ENGR 131 class. Her first summer internship after joining the program was “eye-opening” and a bit of an adjustment period, but it helped prepare her for the following internships.

Can you tell us about your internships?

Nishita had the unique experience of working with four different companies throughout her internships, which allowed her to see different regions of the U.S. while exploring diverse sectors of construction. She first worked with Peri, a formwork consultancy in India, and then completed internships with Webcor in California, Ferrovial in Texas, and Walt Disney World in Florida.

Walt Disney World was definitely her favorite internship. “People just go to work so happy there! I remember coming back, and everyone kept asking me why I was smiling so much,” she recalls, laughing. After graduation, Nishita received several job offers. She did not choose Disney, however. Instead, she accepted a full-time position with McCarthy, a company willing to give her a lot of up-front support with her visa status.

What are you doing now?

She will soon begin pre-construction work on Marin General Hospital in San Francisco and couldn’t be more excited to complete her first structure as a Project Engineer and see her work come to life. “The CEM program has prepared me enough to be confident in my new job, but I’m really excited to go and learn more,” Nishita says. “Every day will be a learning experience!”