Original Source : The Interview Portal

Can you tell us about your background?

Sure !  Iam Indu, i grew up in Bangalore . I did my schooling at Christ School. From a young age i was involved in a lot of literary activities, this was something i really enjoyed doing. However i succumbed to the conventional route due to parental influence and ended up pursuing science in undergraduation

What did you study?

I did my Bachelors in Microbiology from Mahaveer Jain college and did my Masters from St Joseph PG Research Center specializing in Mass communication. I think this was my true calling.

What influenced the change from science to journalism?

Infact iam a science writer as well. Iam happy i have been able to leverage my science and journalism background in my work. As i mentioned i was always interested in literary activities. I had great teachers during my postgraduation which really changed my perspective regarding Journalism and i was pretty much decided on it.

Can you describe your career path after graduation?

My first job was an internship with DNA newspaper. I also freelance as a Science Journalist and am currently Assistant Professor at Center of Management Studies , Mahaveer Jain College.

What is a typical day like?

I take  a couple of classes followed by practical sessions. I also prepare for next day classes and work on my research studies. In teaching, a fresher begins as an Assistant Professor and after a stipulated time, experience and qualification, can become an associate professor and professor. I work for 71/2 hours monday to friday and for about four hours on saturday.

What do you love about this job?

The world of academia is interesting and engaging. I love the entire process of preparing for classes, mentoring students and ideating to make the class interesting. The best part of the job is ofcourse in the classroom where we get to engage with the students . The lively conversations and discussions during class is a learning experience for all.

Your advice to students?

Many parents have a perception that arts is inferior to science. They force kids to take up science. But you need to revolt and stand by your choice. When choosing your career follow your heart and plan for your future. There is no point choosing a job just for the monetary value.