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How did you end up in such an  offbeat, unusual and unconventional career?

A graduate from the National Institute of Design, Paldi has landed a job in world’s leading automobile design house Pininfarina as a consultant designer. Based in Turin, Italy, Mazda is a senior designer at Pininfarina. Post M&M’s acquisition of Pininfarina, Mazda is one of the designers who worked on the interiors of the TUV3OO. An NID graduate, Mazda was part of the team that worked on the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Mazda interned at the Renault Design studio in Mumbai and Fiat Centro Stile in Italy.

Where did you study?

Rustom Mazda, who graduated from NID’s product design department in 2010, is the first NIDian to join the Italian auto-design firm which caters to auto giants such as Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar and Fiat. Talking to Minor from Turino in Italy, Rustom, who joined Pininfarina earlier this month, says, “I feel overwhelmed and honoured to be working at the ‘Mecca of auto-designing’.

What do you do?

I have joined Pininfarina as a consult ant transportation designer. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career. It feels like a dream and the feeling is yet to sink in,” gushes Rustom despite having to go through lengthy visa and work permit process to realise his dream.

How did you get in?

“Hiring procedures for a non- European, especially in Italy, are a bit complicated and involves a lot of paperwork and interviews. But at the end, all the running around paid off,” says Rustom who has come a long way from designing a vehicle for rural India on his NID campus to designing sleek sports cars at the prestigious Italian firm. Commenting on his job profile, he says, “As a designer at Pininfarina, I will get to work on the interior and exterior of cars ranging from Ferrari supercars to small hatchbacks. I will also have opportunities to work on other transportation systems like trains and forklifts.”


What do you love about this career?

“Here, even a junior designer is given opportunity to handle complete projects right from the concept and sketch phase, to physical and digital modelling. We then consult with engineers to further understand the complexities of cost and feasibility,” he adds. He however, refused to dis¬close his pay package. Earlier, Rustom had interned with the design house after winning the ‘NID-Pininfarina Design Contest 2010’ where he designed a compact and affordable car for rural India. During his internship, Rustom designed a sports car for Pininfarina, based on the overall package of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, reflecting Pininfarina values.

During that period, the recruitment process at Pininfarina was also in progress. Impressed with Rustom’s work, he was offered a second internship in the firm in February 2011. “I got a positive response from my seniors in July after they evaluated my internship work,” says the Mumbai lad.