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Hello Friends, I am Rahul. people knows me with a name of ‘Aatirah’. This is my third post on Linkedin

I also run a gaming blog, If you have time do check it out “Hello Gaming”. 2 years back (in 2012), i have been interviewed by a college student related to Indian Gaming Industry. He got assignment from his college to find a gaming professional from Indian gaming industry and ask few questions. I am sharing my interview questions and answers with you all.

What are your responsibilities in your organization?

Well, I am a Game Tester. My work is to find flaws in someone else work. I test video games to verify all functionalities are working, Gameplay is proper, Clear Graphics. In addition to these, my work also includes to check standards (Compliance Testing). I test games on Play station consoles (PSP, PSP Vita, PS2, PS3, Move) so we have a TRC (Technical Requirement Checklist). I have to test games and make sure if game is following all guidelines given by Sony. Main Responsibility for a QA is to make a Test Plan Document according to Game Design Document which they get by designers. If you have a test plan document, you may move forward otherwise stay away till test plan is made.

May we know something about your career history? How did you end up in an offbeat , unconventional and cool career such as this?

I passed out from my college in 2010 and started my career as a Gaming Faculty in JBC Animation, Bhubaneswar, and Odisha. I worked there for 6 months and changed my job. From my college time, I have an interest in gaming so I thought why not to choose my career as a Game Tester. I joined Ienergizer, Noida in Sep 2010. In my 1.5 yrs testing career in Ienergizer I was promoted to Senior Game tester and also awarded ‘Top Performer Employee of year 2011’. Even got appreciation letter from Clients such as Bioware, THQ for my hard work. I worked in Ienergizer till 24 may 2012 and moved to join Trine Games, Mumbai.

Would you like to share something about projects done by you?

My first project was RIO-The multiplayer party game (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) which was developed by Blue sky studios and published by THQ. My second project was Dawn of War II(PC). It was also published by THQ. In the meanwhile I also tested Apox-RTS game as a beta tester for Blue giant Interactive Studio and Unreal Tournament expansion pack for Epic Games. I was excited in Jan 2011 because my lead shifted me to different department and I got a chance to test Star wars: The Old Republic, one of the biggest MMORPG. It was the point of my career which moved me towards many appreciation, awards, and success. There are 2 more games which I have tested but can’t disclose their names now as they are not released yet.

What’s your opinion about Indian Gaming industry?

India is seeing a massive boom in its market for video games. Although the industry is small with only few percentage of India’s around 42 million internet users being active gamers, there is already $30 million revenue a year being earned and it is doubling annually. India’s video game industry is just beginning to take off and will see a huge success in upcoming years.

Your views on Indian vs. International Gaming industry?

In India, Gaming is at its initial step from where it’s rising hour by hour. Gaming Industry in India is just booming out from its nest and will take few more years to compete according to International Gaming Market. There are good developers, good designer’s in India who can develop a good game but the problem is funds. Indian Gaming Market is not strong financially as compared to International Market. Most of the work is outsource to India by major companies and we don’t create our own IP’s.

What you think is good about Indian Gaming industry?

At this stage what I feel about Indian Gaming Market is its ‘Stability’. Indian gaming market is stable and growing without any problem if we compared it to any other gaming Market. Many major studios are laying off their employees to come up with some profitable figures.

Your view on “Current Growth of Indian Gaming Industry”?

Currently India is growing as most of the outsourcing projects are coming to India. Country’s economy is growing and Gaming Industry coming to light and being seen by a many comers as a career option.

Do you foresee Games as a mode of infotainment for common Indian man? Why?

I can’t predict it now as its no to near future. People in India still think games are only for entertainment not for infotainment.

Games can be used to communicate messages to common men. What need to be done for this?

We should make games on social cause for Mobile platform. In this decade, almost every man has a mobile in his pocket and they use to play games on it whenever they are free.

What Govt. should do for Video Gaming Industry or promotion of video games?

Government should come forward and support E-sport and gaming Industry as other countries do. Countries like China, USA, UK support gaming industries via financial funds, promotional activities etc. India should follow the same. Recently Indian Government announced to make an Animation and Gaming Hub in Hyderabad which could be the first step.

Your suggestion for “Video Game Education” (i.e. Video Game Studies as a course) in India

Well, There are few colleges in India BIT, AAG, AIGA and DSK who are already educating students about video games but still it’s not sufficient. Colleges like BIT and AAG only focus on designing part and they didn’t focus on technical part. AIGA and DSK they both focus on designing as well as technical part. My suggestion for ‘Video Game Education’ is to revise course structure annually and appoint guest lecturers from industry time to time so students could learn what is happening in industry. Live project internship is also important and should be done in 6 to 8 months for senior batches.

Your advice for younger generation (or students) who wants to make career in Gaming industry.

Attend guest lecturers time to time which use to happen in their college or at different places. Try to attend State, National or International Gaming event like NGF chapter, Nasscom game development seminar’s, Nasscom Game developer conference to name a few. Also be a part of gaming forums and discuss your creative idea with professionals. Always be aware what is happening in industry and try to follow every change which is happening in industry.

You career is Precious. You will get only one chance to make it. Pass or Fail. It’s in your hand. “Don’t Go Through Emotion, Be Creative”.

Thank you so much!