School students need inspiration more than anything else.

With exams hovering over them all year around, 9th and 10th students dont even have time to get inspired.

So we wanted to conduct a workshop which relaxes them through stories of other students who pursued diverse careers in different areas of interest.

The goal of the workshop is to expose them to Role models that they can look up to and get inspired by. When you are inspired you can pretty much achieve anything you aspire to.

So we curated a very interesting list of careers in specific areas and asked them to go through the interviews in each area to understand how the professionals ended up in that career, their journey from students to professionals and what they currently did.

At the end each student had to present 3 careers that inspired them and the reason for the inspiration.

The reasons for inspiration could be the following :

  1. The professional pursued a career based on their childhood interests
  2. Some of them initially took up a degree based on their parent’s input but switched to do something else later
  3. A few professionals were actually addressing real problems in society related to agriculture or environment or safety.

The above are just examples, it is upto the student to creatively come up with anything that inspired them.

For the purpose of the workshop we provided the students with interviews in the the following categories

  1. Agriculture
  2. Science Communication
  3. Automobiles
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Investments
  6. Design
  7. Food
  8. Wildlife
  9. Books & Language
  10. Arts
  11. Advertising & Media
  12. Sports

They were randomly assigned 3 interviews based on the above areas and asked to go through the stories and make their presentations.

The students were exposed to a total of 120 careers (40 students * 3 careers per student) and also understood how powerful inspiration can be in helping them achieve their goals.

This is a feel good and confidence boosting workshop for students from 9th to 12th admist all their exam pressures !