The Dr Mrs Ambriti Salve Scholarship is a scholarship for BCL students who are normally resident in India, offered by Exeter College.

Where a suitable candidate is identified, the Scholarship will be awarded in conjunction with an Oxford University Clarendon Fund award, and together these awards will fund the Course Fees, and a grant to cover living expenses. 

Otherwise, it will be awarded as a standalone Scholarship, in which case its value will reflect the Course Fees and a stipend for living expenses up to that of the Research Councils UK minimum stipend (for 2019-20 this was £15,009).

There is no separate application procedure and candidates do not have to choose Exeter as their preferred college but must accept membership of Exeter as a condition of accepting the award.

All eligible candidates will be considered on the basis of their BCL applications and if the successful candidate has been accepted by another college, the application will be transferred to Exeter. The scholarship can be extended for a second year if the student proceeds to the MPhil in Law after the BCL.