Excellence Scholarships

The University offers two different Excellence Scholarships to Students

Excellence Scholarships of the University of St.Gallen

Excellence Scholarships will be granted to foreign students enrolled in Bachelor studies at the University of St.Gallen as of Autumn Semester 2018 and on the basis of merit. Every year, six scholarships will be awarded to students in the Assessment Year, which will be paid out over a period of three years. The scholarship amount is tantamount to the current tuition fees at the Bachelor’s Level (which runs to six semesters). At present, a grantee would receive an annual sum of CHF 6,252 (for all three years, this corresponds to a scholarship of CHF 18,756).

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International applicants with internationally recognised relevant educational qualifications and certificates, successful passing of the University of St.Gallen’s internal admission test and timely submission of the documents in accordance with the application process.

Further criterias during the study

  • The bachelor’s degree has to be completed without any delays, as far as they are not conditioned by the studies.
  • The scholarship is paid out in 3 installments. The first installment will be paid directly after starting the studies in the autumn. The second and third installments are only paid out when a specified average grade is reached.

Application process
After successful admission to the degree course, a letter of motivation and a two-minute video in mp4 quality must be submitted using the online formular to the Advice Center of Study Funding. These two application elements should cover the following content:

  1. Why is the applicant planning to study at the HSG?
  2. Professional vision/career prospects
  3. Reason as to why he/she should receive a scholarship
  4. Previous contributions such as a social or charitable work, or ecological and/or social commitment

Important instructions

  1. Between the letter of motivation and the video, each of the above topics should be covered.
  2. However, each of the above topics should be covered in either the letter or the video.
  3. The video should address at most two of the topics.
  4. The quality and creativity of the video clip, which can underline that you are an exceptional person, are relevant assessment criteria.

Application deadline
8 days after the HSG admission test in Summer: 19th July 2019. This deadline also applies to applicants who pass their entrance exam in February 2019. Attention: the application deadline has been extended to 24th July 2019 due to a technical error.
A committee chooses the respective scholarship holders by the End of August 2019 at the latest.

Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund is set aside for highly talented foreign-language students with a recognised foreign Bachelor’s degree who are completing a Master’s degree in one of the English-language programmes (Strategy and International Management (SIM), Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F), International Affairs and Governance (MIA), Banking and Finance (MBF), Marketing, Services and Communication (MSC), Economics (MEcon), International Law (MIL) and Finance  and Accounting (MaccFin).

As a rule, grants in the amount of CHF 20,000 per programme shall be paid out every year. Exceptional students are identified by the Advice Center for Study Funding on the basis of various criteria. Students are then asked to submit additional documents.