Please tell us about yourself. What was your background before starting your master’s degree program at LIM?

I had done my bachelor’s and my master’s in biotechnology and thereafter did my MBA in marketing. I then worked for five years in the pharmaceutical industry in areas such as sales and business development. After a stint in the cosmetology division, I decided to give wings to my dream of being in the fashion industry.

I currently work in After Sales operations at Gucci.

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What made you choose LIM to study the business of fashion?

I found the Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management master’s program very comprehensive. I looked up the professors, who are eminent in the industry. Coming to New York City also means having a great blend of western and European culture. It’s a dream!

What kinds of classes have you taken?

We have a lot of career changers in my program. To set the tone for everybody, we learn a lot of fundamentals. In my first semester, I took Consumer BehaviorBranding and PromotionRetail Management and Advanced Fashion Merchandising. There are a lot of career paths that evolve out of the second semester—it’s a crucial semester in deciding what specific function we want to progress in.

What do you like most about this program?

The master’s program helps you acquire maturity and gain decision-making and critical reasoning abilities. It involves a lot of hands-on projects and presentations—you learn from corporate retailers and then use those learnings in your projects. Also, the internships give you an understanding of real world scenarios and let you explore different aspects of the industry.

What internships have you done?

I interned at ITOCHU, a licensing partner of Vince Camuto menswear, assisting the wholesale team. I got experience in the intricacies of wholesale, organizing showrooms and samples, and managing buy-meetings. I also worked with the weekly quantitative and qualitative reports. Currently, I am interning at Berluti – LVMH in the wholesale department. It is interesting to see luxury menswear from a different lens after having worked in contemporary menswear previously.

What advice do you have for other international students?

Take the opportunity of meeting new people and learning the culture. This is a fun place. Loosen up and don’t be so stressed! It can be a bumpy ride with coursework deadlines, struggling with your job or internship. When that happens, just breathe and move forward.