How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unique career?

Ever since I took up engineering as my choice of career, I have wanted to learn more about how engineering helps in increasing the productivity of a society. Manufacturing technologies play an important role in increasing the quality of one’s day-to-day life. Japan is one of the world leaders in innovative manufacturing technology that has produced many useful products that has enriched the lives of international citizens. Hence I chose Japan to study and increase my knowledge about manufacturing techniques and innovation.

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What did you study?

I did my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Alagappa Chettiaar College of Engineering and Technology and Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Tell us about your research

During my graduate study I researched about the design of an analog circuit for the purpose of cancellation of howling created in an acoustic environment. Howling is a high pitch noise created when the microphone picks up the sound from the speaker along with the incoming voice signal. I worked on various methods to improve the howling cancellation capability and the noise performance of the analog howling cancellation circuit under the kind and able guidance of Prof. Masashi Kato of the Ichimura-Kato Laboratory in the Nagoya Institute of Technology, Aichi.

How did you study Japanese?

I enrolled in the Japanese language crash course offered by the Nagoya Institute of Technology in October 2013. Even though I did not know anything about the language when I came to Japan, this course taught me about the semantics of the language and the history and culture of Japan. After I graduated from the crash course I prepared through self-study and passed the Japanese language proficiency test starting from level N3 through N1. This helped me in my job hunt in Japan since I was able to communicate well with the Japanese hirers during job interviews. I am continuing my Japanese language study to perfect my communication skills so that I can work effectively as a valuable team player at my workplace.

Did you take up any internships?

During the first year of graduate study, I was given the opportunity to join as an intern at Fuji Machine Manufacturing co., Ltd for two weeks in August 2014. Fuji Machine Manufacturing co., is a manufacturing company based in Chiryu, Aichi that chiefly produces automatic chip mounters for a worldwide market. Since my early days during undergraduate study, I have always been interested in the surface mounting technology that has revolutionized many electronic equipment products. Hence I chose this company to start my career as an engineer in the manufacturing industry. I wish to improve my skills as an engineer and contribute my best to Fuji Machine Manufacturing.

Prospect after studying in Aichi?

Based on my experience in Aichi, I believe that this prefecture is a very friendly place for foreign students. There are many good universities offering various courses across a wide range of fields in this prefecture. Foreign students coming here for their study can also have many fun experiences since there are many tourist spots like the famous Nagoya Castle and also, exciting shopping districts like Sakae. Also, there are various different types of manufacturing companies based in Aichi that are very eager to hire foreigner students with good command of Japanese since the Japanese manufacturing industries are actively pursuing opportunities to expand their markets internationally. So I whole heartedly recommend Aichi for foreign students who aim to become international citizens in the manufacturing industry.

What are you doing currently?

Iam  currently working in the field of data science particularly focusing on solving AI related problems with machine learning techniques.