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Imagine bagging a scholarship to study in the UK with the added bonus of meeting UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May. This was the double bonanza that 104 ladies from across India, who had won British Council’s STEM scholarships, got to experience.

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Divya Manjusha Devagudi, the 20-year-old from Tirupati, said that meeting May was one of the best things to happen to her.

My schooling was in Tirupati and I moved to Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli for Bachelor’s in Actuarial Mathematical Sciences (BSc) so I had a clear idea about Actuarial Science. Now, I am at the University of Kent doing International Master’s in Applied Actuarial Science (MSc). 

How is the experience going so far?

Being sponsored itself is an excellent opportunity and studying in the UK has been my dream. Without the British Council 70th anniversary scholarships, this would not have been possible. Besides this, meeting PM Theresa Mary May and visiting the House of Lords was amazing.

Tell us about how you discovered that you are passionate about the field of Actuarial Science? What exactly do you see yourself doing in this field?

I always had a passion for doing something new and Actuarial Science is one such subject which needs great dedication and analysis. In India, actuarial work is only confined to the insurance sector. India needs many more well-skilled actuarial professionals. This is why I chose to be an actuary, I want to be an inspiration for future actuaries and an icon for choosing a different field.

Where do you see yourself in five years and in which fields do you see yourself working in?

By the time I graduate from the University of Kent, I would like to be a fellow Actuary from Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. I would prefer to work in the field of General Insurance and investments after my master’s. 

What do you feel about bagging the scholarship and this opportunity?

 This is an opportunity that not everyone would get, I consider myself to be lucky for bagging this chance and to be one of the scholars of the British Council 70th anniversary scholarships. I thank the British Council wholeheartedly for it.