Could you introduce yourself?

I am 22 years old, and I come from a beautiful city Haridwar, in India. I have a “Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering” from Amity University, India, and a “Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering” from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, which I obtained in the Dual-degree Program. During my bachelor’s studies, I concentrated on different subjects in Aerospace Engineering. Due to my dual-degree experience, I was able to master different areas in Aviation. In India, my diploma was Aircraft Design and Structures oriented, whereas in China, it was more concentrated on Aircraft Manufacturing, and Maintenance. For my bachelor’s thesis in China, I performed Aeroelastic analysis for Flutter detection on a Solar Wing. In India, my bachelor’s thesis consisted of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of the Solar Wing at Flutter boundary.

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What are the features of your city/country?

My city is the ‘City of River Ganges’, one of the most important sites in India for pilgrimage. Indian and French culture are different but both are very rich and deep. Both countries are the lands of history, arts, engineering, and democracy. Something that is not common between India and France is the population! France is one-third of Uttar Pradesh, one out of 29 provinces in India.

Why did you choose ISAE-SUPAERO and apply for our Master of Science?

For my masters, I chose ISAE-SUPAERO, as it is one of the best aerospace schools in Europe, and Toulouse is the home of Airbus. The amount of expertise ISAE-SUPAERO possesses in R&D, and the relations with the aerospace industry is the key factor, which makes ISAE-SUPAERO a unique institution. Also, I like to learn languages, and here I could learn French. It is a big added value for me! The Master of Science program at ISAE-SUPAERO is well tailored for students who want to practice the learning of the classroom, in the industrial world. The program offers various scholarships, of which, I benefitted from the French Government Scholarship that covered all my expenses, and tuition fees. The system approach of the MSc Program is beneficial as we covered a range of subjects taught by experts coming from Airbus, CNES, ONERA, and other industry giants. It also gives you a chance to know more about the company and the work in the industry. The MSc program is a full package of theory, practice, research, and industry!

Which are your career plans?

As I am passionate about aerospace, I will continue to be in this field. ISAE-SUPAERO has given me a very good head-start for my career. In the long-term, I would very much like to come back to ISAE-SUPAERO to perform an industrial PhD with Airbus.

Tell us about your work at Airbus

“I am excited to go to Madrid. I have already started learning some of the phrases in Spanish in order to avoid the culture shock,“ says Akshay. His internship will take place in Airbus Protospace, an innovation lab situated near Madrid. “I will be using 3D printers to make prototypes. For an engineer, this is a really useful technology. With a prototype, you can test and see if things are working the way they should.”

Iam working on innovative projects in the areas of structural morphing, printed electronics, and robotics. Iam Project lead (local) for the Printed Electronics technology. Working on new applications of this tech in our aircraft.

What would you say to a student who will come to ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse?

I would highly recommend the MSc Program at ISAE-SUPAERO to the passionate students from around the world. ISAE-SUPAERO is the place where you can develop yourself academically, personally, socially, and meet people from all over the world. With a dynamic campus, and long lists of sports, arts, entrepreneurs, and creative clubs, you can enjoy your stay and make it fruitful at the same time. From my personal experience as the President of International Association, I can assure that it will be a memory that you will cherish for your life.