Please tell us about yourself

Mevin is passionate about aviation, especially planning and designing airports. His role as Airport Planner involves technical capacity planning and assessing process models and solutions.  He also manages data collection and compilation to update databases and supports the team with client consultancy.

What did you study?

Mevin has an MSc in Airport Planning and Management from Cranfield University, covering areas such as Airport Operations, Airport Strategic Planning and Airport Design. His thesis focused on baggage process flow, and optimizing the level of automation in baggage handling. With a bachelor degree in Architecture from the National Institute of Technology Calicut, India, and experience as an airport architect at KITCO Limited, one of India’s premier Engineering, Management & Project consultancy firms, Mevin is able to think from both a design and operational perspective bringing life and insight to aviation projects .

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What is a typical day like at AiQ?

I work an early shift, 7am to 3pm, alongside my line manager Nomaan Asghar . Before the rest of the team gets into work, at around 9am, we engage in some training where I benefit from Nomaan’s experience and operational knowledge.

After this, it’s project work, meetings, site visits and office work such as updating databases and keeping track of project progress. I am currently working on the MUPIT2 licensing project for Heathrow, where I was involved in the data validation and surveys. This project is now on the software training phase where I am involved with clients during workshop sessions, together with my line manager Nomaan and technical director Ian MacKinnon. Stakeholder engagement at different levels keeps the learning process ticking along. It’s a good mix of work as I spend time at the office and on site.

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

MUPIT2 licensing for Heathrow Terminals 2,3, and 4 was the major project I was involved in AiQ so far. I enjoy operational live projects spanning a longer term and the T4 Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) and asset replacement project which is commencing is an exciting one I am keen to start working on. A lot of stakeholder engagement will be required to keep up with day-to-day changes due to its live operational nature. It’s intense, but I’m really looking forward to being a part of it.

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

Everyone is very supportive in the team, especially Nomaan who is keen on getting me involved in live projects. It’s an insight in dealing with stakeholders, getting to know people, clients, projects and phases. I am grateful to Adrian Todd, the director for giving me the opportunity for the same.

All the team members play a vital role with different expertise and backgrounds. This keeps the team active and always learning. They involve me in their projects, discussions and brainstorming session which I appreciate very much. I did have a warm welcome, though I knew the team beforehand from the visits during my MSc thesis in Airport Planning and Management at Cranfield University.

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career?

Both. My background is in architectural consultancy and I was involved in airport design immediately after completing my bachelors. My passion for aviation had kicked at a very early age as I was a frequent traveler to my home town from the place I was born and brought up. My masters in Airport Planning laid the perfect boost in my career where I now work with passion and satisfaction at AiQ. For me, it’s not just aviation and architecture but using technical knowledge to have a holistic perspective in consultancy.

What does the future hold for AiQ and your role?

AiQ is on a roll, it’s doing really well with a great team. With our knowledge of IATA and operational expertise in technical projects, the reputation and brand value of the company is really building.

Once I complete my internship programme, I’m hoping to continue working with AiQ for a long time as an Airport planner. There’s much scope and potential with AiQ Consulting, as projects are bound to come, keeping in mind the quality and dedication of the team!