Please tell us about yourself

Sahil Popli is a doctoral candidate, teaching assistant, and graduate research assistant with years of experience in design, process layout, experimental testing and analytical evaluation of academic and industrial research projects related to advanced thermal energy systems. He finds a great deal of satisfaction in creating a product that will make people comfortably cool while  saving energy and money over traditional models.  But for him, ‘cooling it’ can also mean taking some time out to sketch just for the sheer pleasure of it.

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What did you study?

He earned his Master of Science, Chemical Engineering in 2011 from the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and his Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering in 2008 from  Manipal Institute of Technology, India.  Coincidentally, during his study at PI Sahil first ‘met’ Prof. Radermacher when taking an online course offered by the University of Maryland. Prior to studying for advanced degrees, Popli worked in industry as a development associate with the Unilever Research Center in Bangalore, India and as a production executive, for Unilever Limited’s Rajpura (India) Factory.

Tell us about your work

After graduating with his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in May 2014, Sahil Popli began working for Emerson that September. He serves as the Lead System’s Engineer for the Air Conditioning Division.

Though his job title hasn’t changed since he began working at Emerson, Popli’s responsibilities have increased considerably. His work at Emerson focuses on analysis of advanced energy system level concepts. This is a unique role which involves stepping into the shoes of our OEMs and looking at the HVAC system as a whole rather than just the compressor (component) design. In addition to Copeland’s brand of compressors Emerson provides plenty of opportunities that go well beyond advancing energy efficiency and environmental conservation.  Emerson’s brands such as ClosetMaid, InSinkErator, White-Rodgers, Retail Solutions, Vilter and RIDGID (Ridge Tool Company) cover engineering services ranging from protecting food quality, building automation solutions, ensuring human comfort and health. 

What are the skills required for your job?

Popli is also involved in developing integrated system solutions for commercial and residential markets which requires a portion of his time being spent at the recently-built Helix Innovation Center. “Product Innovation is an important part of my job,” he explains, “I need to work closely with Marketing and Regulatory affairs teams to understand future customer needs and determine the types of products that could fulfill them.” He also focuses on industry stewardship, and regularly attends conferences and consortiums.