Dear Roopa, many thanks for accepting the request for the interview post. Let us start with…

BNI: A little introduction about you and a hint of your background, please
 I come from Kerala and I moved to Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1990. I have a Masters in English Literature from Mumbai University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Asian College of Journalism.

Over the years, I have donned several roles: reporter, editor, recruitment consultant, PR writer, account executive and a media executive and then in 2013, thanks to Indireads, I became a published e-book author. Wonder what is in store for me.

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BNI: Hmm, that sounds interesting. So, what all you have written or say published till date? Roopa: I started writing fiction when I was pursuing my Bachelors in English literature from Ramnarain Ruia College. In those three incredible years, my stories and poems founds its way to magazines, newspapers and magazines such as Femina,,, Skyline Publications, and Asian Age. Recently, a short story of mine found its way to an anthology published by Notion Press.

BNI: You started pretty early at a young age, so actually, what inspired you to write this novella? Roopa: When I read about Indireads, the digital publishing company and what it stood for: a focus on promoting South Asian stories, voices while catering to a South Asian audience; I simply longed to be a part of this phenomenon, which had the potential to revolutionize South Asian publishing. ‘Pyar aur Poetry’ was developed exclusively for Indireads.

BNI: Did you aim to become a writer some day or it just happened by chance? What is your working profile like, at present?
: I never really planned to be a writer. It happened by default. I am a part time writer as I have a fulltime job-I work as a copywriter cum media executive for an advertising firm.

BNI: According to you, what is the hardest thing about writing?
: Among the hardest parts are completing what one starts. It is always very easy to start but very hard to sustain one. It is very hard not to seek instant gratification, continue writing and believing in oneself and one’s work in the face of rejections. It is also very hard to continue writing when you know that you always run the risk of never been published or read.

BNI: What are your ambitions for your writing career?
Roopa: Right now, my only ambition or plan is to complete what I have started. Ideas overwhelm me; some of which I am pursuing and some of which will end up in the recycle bin. Currently I feel torn between writing a full-fledged gothic novel or a collection of short stories. I hope to complete something by the end of this year. Fingers crossed.