Today we will be talking about Electrical Engineering. Our primary objective is to highlight the importance of electrical engineering and we hope to inspire students to take up this core stream.

Humans need water to survive. Similarly machines need current to survive. We have all grown so used to electrical and electronic devices in our house that it is very difficult to imagine a life without them.

Take a TV Remote for instance. The remote needs different components to operate. Each component needs a circuit and the circuit needs power from a battery. Battery stores current the way a storage tank stores water. As you can see, the more current a battery stores the more time it powers a device.

We all want our smart phones to last forever on battery, we want pollution free electric cars and require our devices to work inspite of fluctuating voltage. Then why arent students taking up careers in Electrical Engineering?

The answer for this question lies in the fact that Electrical Engineering is at the bottom of the value chain for the user. We only see our remotes, phones and TVs operating but we never see the challenges below the surface. At the bottom of the pyramid it is the current that runs the show. No current and you cant use any device.

Current is the building block. Nothing in the engineering world can exist without current.

Lets look at a few problems that electrical engineers address

  1. Currently we lose 40–50% power from transmission lines/ How do we reduce the losses to less than 10%? Superconductors???
  2. How to generate electricity from renewable sources like Wind, Water, Sun etc
  3. How to reduce power consumption of devices and make them work efficiently even in low voltage?
  4. How to increase battery storage capacity of electrical vehicles, laptops and other devices?
  5. How to increase the efficiency of power hungry devices such as heaters and Air conditioners.

Whether you want to rid the world of pollution or want to build the most powerful machine in the world remember that it is in the hands of an electrical engineer. None of the other disciplines in engineering would exist without electrical engineering.

A lot of our future is going to be governed by sensors. Whether it is a patient on a life saving machine or a connected car sensor they all have one common requirement – a stable, powerful and non-fluctuating source of current.

Electrical engineers manage water for machines, that is current!

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