“Concept” is a word that we all use quite a bit. Whether explaining a concept to a child or discussing a concept in the office or describing a concept to your family we all know the power of knowledge. Concept is something that transcends complexity and helps all of us understand the workings of our machines and the general world around us. We typically say that if one understands the concepts things become easy.

Our schools, our parents and our other institutions discourage rote learning and students are encouraged to understand concepts instead of memorizing. So they take a lot of trouble understanding Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the form of concepts.

However when it comes to choosing careers we get stuck in the same rut. The same people who encouraged us to learn concepts expect us to blindly study engineering or medical. No one tells us the concept of engineering or medical or other careers. As a student how am i supposed to know if i will like engineering or design or advertising or journalism or research? Unless  a student understands the concept of each career he/she will never know if he/she will like it.

Thats where The  Interview Portal comes in. There are several career portals that provide very useful and interesting information for students. Some of them talk about all the competitive exams and how to approach them. An exam is a path to a goal not the goal itself. A few others focus on law or journalism and describe those careers to students. But for those students who have no clue as to what they want to do, we need to help them by providing what we call “Career Concept” for every career that is possible.

We do that by showing them interviews of various professionals pursuing diverse careers where these professionals talk about their work, the problems they solve and the benefits their work brings to the society. Gradually a mental map is formed in the mind of the student and they start to understand the concept of each career and how it ties into their interests and skill. They start mentally shortlisting what they like and discard what they dont.

By providing them career concepts through the work of thousands of professionals we remove the subjectivity from the equation and show the student each career in its true light.

We hope that the “Career Concept” initiative will help students avoid the common pitfalls of choosing a career just because parents want them to and instead help them understand the career concept and then decide what they want to do. We believe this is the only way forward if everyone wants a successful, happy and healthy life.