Please tell us about yourself

My name is Jyothi Jose and I am in my final quarter of the Master’s program of Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices at CPS ( College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University, Boston). I will be graduating in June 2018. In terms of my background, I acquired my bachelors (SRM University) and masters (Sathyabama University) in Bioinformatics prior to coming to the US

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

Right from my high school days, Genetics and Immunology were two subjects that I was passionate about, and that passion paved the way for my long-standing professional goal of having a career in Drug Discovery and Development. An undergraduate and graduate degree in Bioinformatics, with a special focus on my part on subjects like Immunology, Genomics, Cancer Biology and Pharmacology, I wanted to pick a career track that would help me combine my scientific knowledge with a skill set that I consider to be one of my strengths; which is Writing and Analytical skills, with Reading being one of my best Hobbies. The field of Regulatory Affairs, I believe gives me the best opportunity to amalgamate all of my skills and utilize them in the best manner possible. My background in Life Science and a Graduate degree in Regulatory Affairs (RA) gives me the skill set required of a Regulatory Affairs professional. Choosing a career in this field was an easy choice for me because it helps me live out two of my greatest passions, which is becoming a part of the Pharmaceutical industry and at the same time, do my part in contributing towards the society that has given me so many amazing opportunities in life. I hope to find the right opportunities which will help me grow further in my career and at the same time, be the team player that contributes to the growth of the organization for which I work.

What was your career path?

To elaborate on my career path, I worked in Life-Science market research for a CRO (Clinical Research Organization) based in India, shortly after completing my MS program in Bioinformatics, and there I had the opportunity to closely work with the Regulatory Affairs team. To put it simply, I enjoyed the learning experience. I was new to the industry and the work that an RA professional did fascinated me. In my opinion, as an RA professional you get to work in an area where you are part of the team that ensures the successful transition of a product from its R&D phase to a product that is safe and effective for the public. That notion appealed to my professional aspirations and further encouraged me to pursue a degree in Regulatory Affairs.

What do you love about your career?

Now with a couple of months left in the program, looking back I can think of numerous opportunities and challenges that have given me memorable experiences and life lessons, and have shaped my perspective both as an individual and as a professional. After having completed an XN project through Northeastern’s Experiential Network program, and an Internship for a CRO based in Boston, which later translated into a Co-op, these opportunities gave me a broad perspective of the American work culture, the expectations and requirements that need to be met as an RA professional and a general awareness of the Healthcare Industry. In my role as a Mentor in the CPS Mentor Program, what gives me happiness and satisfaction is that it offers me a chance to share my experiences with other students in the Mentor Collective and hear their stories, thereby being part of a collective learning experience which inspires and aids everyone to move forward in their respective journeys. As far as my hobbies go, I am a passionate reader, no particular favorites when it comes to the genres, a good book and coffee is how I like to relax. And I like to write when the time allows. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories, engaging in conversations that span different social causes.