Please tell us about yourself

Students who decide to pursue arts for higher studies usually face many daunting questions. ‘Is it really a profession?’ or ‘How can you be successful as an artist?’ They were asked. But these are the same questions Vishnu Madhav’s parents refrained from asking. Today, Kannur based Vishnu is a successful artist, based in Bangalore.

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He says his parents never complained about his decision to study art. “Some parents focus only on academic subjects and don’t give creative subjects a chance. My parents did understand what i was doing and they did support my decision,” he says.

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

Infact Vishnu’s taste for drawing was nurtured from an early age by his uncle. He started painting from when he was in class 2 and represented his school in competitions. “I started off as a kid who was more interested in portrait drawings. I dont know when i started loving cartoons and caricatures ,” he adds.

What do you love about your job?

Vishnu believes caricatures and cartoons are the best way to express his ideas. “The whole idea of a caricature is that you can identify the person. This is not easy. Caricatures can sometimes seem that they are easy to make. But a lot of thought and planning goes into making a caricature. That is what makes it special. I consider caricatures a medium to express my ideas, ” he says.

His caricatures and cartoons have sparked controversies too. “We live in a time when everyone can easily get offended by everything. We cant talk about religion, we cant talk about politics, we cant talk about socio-cultural issues, etc. As a responsible artist, i cant remain silent when i see something that is not right. I have been doing caricatures on recent political happenings.

He carries his favourite sketchbook with him all the time. “An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached. You never know what inspires you next,” he says, adding, “Apart from these political issues, i love to draw nature and people. It can be inside a general compartment of a local train, it can be in a hotel room, or even a market. I dont want to miss any idea. If you ask me what i have drawn today i will have something to show you, ” says Vishnu.

What did you study?

Vishnu did his Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in painting from Visva-Bharati

Being an artist, he knows the importance of travelling and meeting people from new cultures. Even since he completed his bachelors from Santiniketan he has been visiting places.

Tell us about your work

If you follow BankBazaar’s blog and mobile notifications closely, you must have seen some great samples of art. These amazing works of art are not only great examples of creativity, but the way they are connected to finance is absolutely fantastic.

The man behind all these astonishing creations is our very own Vishnu Madhav! He’s BankBazaar’s Product Content Team’s visual designer par extraordinaire. Apart from creating some awesome designs for BankBazaar, Vishnu is also quite active outside of work. If you check his social media profiles – Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see his level of popularity and you’ll find out exactly why he’s so famous, especially among the younger crowd!

Some of the peculiar characteristics of his work that make him so awesome and his designs so popular are:

Trendy & Cohesive

Among other things that can make an artwork popular, one of the most important factors is how relevant it is. Vishnu knows how to make the most of current trends on social media. Below, you can see three of his designs—the first one for a blog post published during the FIFA World Cup 2018. You can see how he’s kept it trendy as well as cohesive. The second and third are from his personal collection and both depict what was trending at the time as well.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?