Please tell us about yourself

With over five years of experience in the field of Media and Communications, I am here at Delightful Communications to use my skills to create content that will help my target audience take necessary actions to reach their end goal. My positive attitude, dedication to work and ownership mentality are some of the traits that have helped me gain success in my previous roles and I am confident that these traits will help me be successful as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career?

Currently holding a Masters Degree in Mass Communication, my entry into the field of communications was by chance. A large number of parents in India expect their children to either become an engineer or a doctor and all I knew at that time was I did not want to follow the rest around me. I was certain about not taking up a course that I was not going to be interested in pursuing. After a lot of coaxing and persuading my parents, I got what I wanted — a formal education in Communications.

The next step for me was to prove to myself and my family that the decision I had taken by being a rebel was a good one and that I was going to add value and make a big difference at work somewhere. I joined as an Assistant Director and a Casting Producer right after college and worked for the regional version of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire” which was a hugely popular show in India. When my parents saw my name on television for the first time in the end credits, I knew I had made them proud.

Tell us about your work

My quest to learn more about different areas in the field of mass communication made me get into the field of Public Relations. So, from managing external/internal communications to identifying non-profit organizations in India to help them move a step ahead in achieving their goal, I’ve enjoyed learning and contributing in all these fields.

My biggest learning was planning and implementing press conferences across India, sometimes organizing up to three conferences a week in three different cities. Multi-tasking, working in a high-pressure work environment and taking up new challenges on a daily basis keeps me highly motivated. Contributing to the community at large, solving problems and making a positive difference in general attracts me to a job and that brings out the best in me.

How and why did you transition to Digital Marketing?

I relocated from India almost a year ago as a trailing spouse and I knew I wanted to continue to make a career in the field of communications here too. While my quest for knowledge and the need to continue to update myself about the current trends made me enroll myself for a Digital Marketing program in the University of Washington, I was lucky enough to land a job at Delightful Communications.

Here at Delightful, I knew I would be given an opportunity to grow while taking up new challenges. I am someone who enjoys taking up new challenges as it gives a scope for professional development. Some of the Delightful principles that stood out the most to me and attracted me towards this job was ‘Always Learning” and “Being Fearless and Forthright”.

I am excited to be a part of the Delightful Team and plan to use my skill set to add value to the organization and clients on the projects I take up while developing myself professionally.

I enjoy traveling and some of my hobbies include bottle painting, taking up small little handicraft projects and making simple organic food products.