Please tell us about yourself

I grew up in a small town in West Bengal (where I always felt I never quite fit in) and was brought up in an extremely liberal environment where my parents never ever considered me a fragile girl child. I think most of my strength comes from the fact that my upbringing was no less than of a male child. I was always an average kid (that did not irk my parents, though) throughout my schooling and graduation days. But I knew I was born to do something different and creative, only I had no freaking idea then, what I was heading into!

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How did you start your journey to where you are today?

I started out as a writer; writing came to me at an early age. When I was a kid, I used to write letters to my grandfather every week sharing my whereabouts and that’s how it turned into a hobby, later in life. I started writing journal entries and enjoyed every bit of it. After finishing my graduation in Media Studies and Post Graduation in Public Relations, I went after my dream of becoming a writer full steam and soon that dream came to fruition.

I landed a job with FREECULTR apparels as a blogger where I got the first taste of fashion. fashion blogging and I have been inseparable! Then started the countless incredible years of my career with media houses like HT Media, India Today and Times of India that offered me a hands-on experience to shape my career path and also to develop my skills (along with my individual style) within the glamour industry that I live for .

What is it that attracted you to fashion writing?

As a kid, I used to love rummaging through different fashion glossies. The larger-than-life, stylized fashion illustrations used to fascinate me. And now the thought of writing on various trends and styles while expressing my own piece of mind is what excites me the most about fashion blogging. I’m still a learner and I love drawing inspiration from almost everywhere!

Fashion bloggers, celeb styles, street style preeners, I seriously have great respect for original style as I’m myself not a rigid follower of trends.

Tell us about your work with MoiFavs

My journey with Moifavs has been a great one so far! Before joining the team, I only wrote about fashion and lifestyle without getting into the details of it. Now I focus more on my personal style and try to stand out and be different with my work instead of writing mindlessly about any fad. The best part working with the MoiFavs team is that I get full creative freedom. Plus,

Moifavs is not just about sharing the latest fashion trends; it is more like a network of fashion lovers talking about their favorites and sharing their stories at the same time.

Give us a peek into your life in Bucharest

Life in this foreign land has been exciting and adventurous so far but not always glamorous! There are days when I feel all pumped to capture glimpses of the city’s architecture and beauty and at times, it feels just so nerve-racking to focus. Somedays, all I feel like doing is staying in my pyjamas throughout the day!

But in all this, my constant strength is writing and fashion blogging gives me that much-needed refreshment in my mundane life. A typical day in my life starts with a morning workout followed by breakfast and then, I straightaway head to work that goes until evening.

What’s keeping you busy these days – besides MoiFavs?

I’m trying to work on my Vlogging skills these days! Not sure how successful it will be. But I’m always up for trying out new things!

Vlogging? Wow! We can’t wait to see some of them. What is it that keeps you up and running always?

I think both professionally and personally, it is important for a person to have a positive outlook. For me, that optimism lies in fitness. It has not only benefited my health but has also made me more disciplined and focused in life. Having an active lifestyle is something that I swear by and cannot even think of compromising with it. So yeah, that’s what keeps me up and running.

Give us an idea about your own personal style. What’s your go-to outfit look like?

Comfortable yet chic! My go-to-look on an average day – a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of black leggings with towering heels and some chunky jewelry. I’m an experimental dresser and a lot of it actually depends on my mood. I don’t restrict myself to just casual wear; because nothing beats an ethnic look for me. I remember wearing both casual and Indian wear to the office and my colleagues used to admire all my different attires.

I try to pick up silhouettes that flatter my body type. On a usual workday, I like wearing a pair of the relaxed tee and well-fitted leggings and on weekends, the sky’s the limit!

What’s your take on the fashion scene in India currently? 

Indian fashion has certainly come of age! I think people are now more open to trying out western-inspired as well as pop-culture trends which is why there are so many international brands hitting the Indian retail market. Plus, the emergence of so many homegrown clothing brands is proof enough that the tastes and preferences of Indian people are gradually changing. I love the fact that even celebrities these days are slowly foraying into the fashion industry to represent urban Indian lifestyle.

I’ve great admiration for celeb styled brands like ‘All About You’ by Deepika Padukone, The Label Life by Malaika Arora and Anushka Sharma’s Nush. Another Indian female clothing brand that I’ve been a great fan of for years is the Anita Dongre owned Style By AND. Their Spring-Summer campaigns featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan are absolutely mesmerizing and I can’t wait to shop at AND when I’m in India!