How did you first hear of Lund University?

“I first heard about Lund University and other universities in Sweden from my elder brother who was doing his Master’s in the Netherlands. My brother had met some students from Sweden who were studying System-On-Chip. He suggested me to check for universities in Sweden and mentioned that Lund was one of the top universities there.”

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Why did you choose to apply to this programme at Lund University?

“The System-on-Chip program suited my needs, since I was looking for specifically Chip Design/Embedded systems field, and I heard LTH had very good relationship with Ericsson so there was better chances of getting job in Ericsson.”

What were your first impressions when coming to Sweden?

“My first impression was just “wow”. I felt so good to be in Sweden after completing m B.E. in Electronics Engineering from BMS college. I came during the last week of August and it was almost the end of summer and perfect time to be in Sweden. It was a very big change for me having come from India. I also wondered, “where are the people here?” Having been in India where it is crowded with lots of people everywhere, Lund seemed really quiet and I was enjoying the initial few weeks. Even the University was a big change for me. The whole system, right from teaching, grading system, assignments, labs everything was totally different from how it used to be in India. Overall, i was having a great time and enjoying my stay at Sweden. I felt I had made the right decision in choosing Sweden and LTH.”

What did you think of the content of the programme?

“The overall program structure was organised very well. The most interesting part was the importance given to lab and practical assignments. During the labs, we could actually see how we practically used the things that we learn during lectures. This was something that I never had when I was studying in India. The labs were equipped with all the latest industry standard tools. It felt like we were actually doing something that is being done in the industries.”

Were you able to interact with any local companies during your studies?

“We did have many opportunities to meet local companies, especially Ericsson and STEricsson. We could get a feel of what is happening in the industry and if the courses we study are relevant to the current industry needs. Job fairs like ARKAD gave us some chances to meet companies and look for job opportunities.”

Did the programme prepare you for your career after graduation?

“Definitely yes. Most of the tools that I used during the labs and during my master thesis really helped me to prepare my self for the future. Luckily, I got a job in a similar field like my master thesis. All the technical knowledge, ideas, tools made my life in the company after graduation, really easy. For the past 2 years or so, I have been working as a hardware design engineer for the Memory division of Samsung Electronics. Definitely there are lots of benefits from my masters course in Lund. During my master thesis I was able to see the complete flow of how things happen in the chip industry. The knowledge that I used and the tools used during my master thesis really help me a lot even today during my work. Although not all the courses were useful to me, most of the courses are helpful and it has made my life at work easy.”

Do you have any advice or recommendations for other Indian students who are considering to come to Lund University?

“I strongly recommend Lund University’s program in System-On-Chip. Although on the outset, it might not really be appealing and interesting when compared to US universities, its still as good as any other top universities in the world offering courses in SOC design. If you are looking for a challenging and interesting career in Chip Designing/Embedded systems/Mixed-Signal Analog engineering, SOC program at LTH is the right course to choose. Be ready to face the challenges, it might not be easy initially, but don’t slowly you will get used to the system here and I can promise you that you will have a great time here in Lund, like I did. It might not look so fancy and lucrative as universities in the US, but Sweden is one of the best countries to live in. Enjoy the mid-night sun during summers, go for skiing on the slopes of Are, see some awesome nature and sceneries in Skane, I bet you will have a time that you will never forget… Good Luck!!!”