The clock is ticking …

Today iam going to talk about why we should try our best to pursue a career that we want rather than what our parents, relatives, teachers or neighbours want ! The importance of this decision cannot be stressed enough.

My argument goes back to the 3 career dimensions that i brought up in my earlier blogs – Health, Time and Money. A good career is a great balance across these 3 dimensions. The more money one makes, the less time one has. You spend so much time making money that you dont have time to spend it. Similarly health is sacrificed in pursuit of money. This issue has become so common today with so many youngsters at the age of 30 having heart ailments and blood pressure.

With technological advancements the average lifespan of human beings has increased and is currently around 75 years. That doesnt hide the reality that life ends for all of us on one day whether it is at 75 or 95. And the more physically and mentally fit we are, the more we can enjoy our old age till we die. As the hindi saying goes ” Zindagi lambi nahin, Badi honi chaahiye”. What many of us forget is, instead of maintaining fitness for later years we end up pursuing things that make us unfit, whether it is stressing ourselves or sleeping less or working long hours.

And when does the realization come? Either when we have retired or when we have a terminal disease like cancer which brings us back to the grim reality that what we have been taking for granted is about to end.

Among the 3 dimensions that we discussed above only one is unchangeable, Time. Our time is set and it comes when it comes. However we have control over how much money that will meet our needs and how fit we can make ourselves. So, for a moment, lets make the assumption that the lifespan of a human is in minutes instead of years, basically 75 minutes. So now that we have only 75 minutes left, how will we prioritise the remaining time? Will we spend time doing what others want us to do or do what makes us happy?

Whenever you have a tough career decision to make, replace your age clock to minutes and remember that whether your time is in minutes or years it is going to end someday and it is futile to regret it later. Consider your limited time precious and spend it wisely so that the day you leave your career you are happy that you not only have enough money for a decent life ahead but also a fit health for the “Badi Zindagi” without any ailments !