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Life is bright and shining for those who take challenging career moves. We are proud to show case an alumni of Sound Engineering Academy, a professional female live sound engineer of India,  who had excelled in a challenging career.

When A.R Rahman landed in venue for the show in Dubai, he was curious to see for himself, a female live sound engineer working for the show.

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It was during show in the year 2013 every ones eyes locked on a girl working as sound engineer.

In a countries like India and Middle East nations where there is virtually no females working in the field of live sound it was a matter of fascination for every one.

The music maestro AR Rahman himself has applauded efforts of the lady working behind the scenes in making his sound perfectly delivered to the audience.

She is none other than ANJU PS, the first female live sound engineer of India.

What did you study? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

A girl who stood along side many men in the arena of Live Sound Reinforcement and made her mark in the field is an alumni student of Sound Engineering Academy.

Born in a small village of Thrissur in Kerala she has followed her passion to become a live sound engineer which is quite an unprecedented profession in scope and character especially with regard to an Indian girl.

After her basic education she has joined the academy in the year 2010 to achieve her career goal.

Tell us about your career

Anju is quite an inspiration and is one of the alumni student who has turned out to be an example to aspiring sound engineers. Exemplary and bold approach towards life and dedication towards her profession has made her break all the conventional stereotypes that were associated with women working in the field of Live Sound Engineering. In a field dominated or rather ruled by men, Anju strive hard to learn new things and cope up with harsh yet unbefitting situations.

Many girls has started reaping the benefits of Anju’s fight for equality in live sound engineering profession. Now a days many girls are choosing Live Sound Engineering as their profession and many av rental companies, music bands, theatres, concert halls and corporate are recruiting them.

5 Years of impeccable service as Live Sound Engineer, she has harmonized sound for more than 50 live events in various locations in Middle East.

Notable events included 2015, AIIBA Awards (Concert), 2015 Arabic Wedding (Entertainment), 2014 GESF (Conference), 2014 SRK Show (Entertainment), 2014 Arjith Singh (Concert), 2014 Luk Oil (Gala Dinner), 2014 Masala Award (Award Show), 2014 Global Fusion (Concert), 2014 Nissan Altima (Product Launch), 2014 RTA (Conference), 2013 Nikkon (Product Launch), 2013 GPCA (Conference), 2013 AR Rahman (Concert), 2013 IPL (Opening Ceremony)

She is capable of  handling various sound mixers (Analog & Digital), Installation and cabling, fine tuning of outputs from musical instruments, Monitor setup & patching for concerts , conferences, weddings, product launches, Recording & mixing, knowledge in pro-tools software & concert stage sound handling, Conference sound system handling, Musical instruments installation, mic installation & patching

The live sound engineer is proficient in products of JBL  Vertec, VTX, VRX, SRX, EON and is talented operating various mixers like SoundCraft Vi1, Vi4 , Vi6, Digidesign venue profile, SC48, Yamaha LS9, Mackie, Allen & Heath.

Personifying the quality and character of Sound Engineering Academy, Anju has completed 5 years in the field.