Please tell us about yourself

Raisoull Satyam Rai is a graduate from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department batch of 2013. He has recently completed his Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography from the world renowned Istituto Marangoni, Milan.

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

“SMIT was ideally the one who gave me the experience and exposure to venture further in the field of Fashion photography.” he says. The photographic journey of his life started in his very first year at SMIT, it was the first time he was handed a DSLR camera. Looking up to his seniors and faculties he learnt a great deal in this field. He believed that photography wasn’t just his passion it was an extension of himself, something without which he would be incomplete, and meant every single word of it. His hard word was well evident, his mornings mostly began with going into the garden to click pictures without even getting freshened up. He used to trek to the other side of the valley crossing the Teesta river to get a few clicks of the amazing things around SMIT and on the way taking pictures of the interesting people he met. These portraits helped him realize the magic of lights and shadows affecting our facial features, which he could then capture in his camera. From his very first year he was the Photographer and designer of the editorial board of SMIT responsible for shaping up the annual magazine of the college. In his 3rd year he represented SMIT for IIT-Guwahati Inter-college fest and secured the 1ST position in the photography contest. He had also secured second place in KAALRAV the annual inter college Fest of SMIT and many more awards for state level photography competitions. In the 4Th year Satyam became the official photographer for the Miss Sikkim Beauty pageant.

Did you study further? What were the challenges?

“A career in photography is certainly not an easy one. The path to success and financial security is fraught with uncertainty and there is no sure-fire business plan or strategy that will light the way but it is where my passion lies. Taking pictures is something I can do everyday. To me, interest is everything. You need to work hard and let yourself believe you can do it. Nothing comes easy.” Always having faith in his passion and the full support received from his family he started to march towards his photography career and became an intern for a Fashion photographer. There he made a small portfolio and applied to different colleges. He happened to secure scholarship opportunity for two the colleges in Milan and he then decided to join the prestigious and world renowned Instituto Marangoni di Milan,Italy.

Leaving 22 years of life behind and moving to a new country to chase your passion and dreams cannot always be easy and the same was experienced by Raisoull. The level of study is quite difficult and can be a bit problematic at times but with his hard work and a firm belief to achieve what he believed in kept him going. Having an engineering background and then suddenly moving over to field of fashion photography was for him was an adventure of difficult challenges and fun.

Tell us about your career path

He graduated from Instituto Maragoni in 2015 and in this course of time he had already achieved a lot. He worked with upcoming designers such as Filafi Fithu, Joy Uche, Sink or Swim and stylists around the globe. He has assisted and worked with established Photographers such as Aldo Fallai. Done Backstage photography for Designer labels such as Andrea Pompilio and Dirk Bikkembergs during the Men’s Fashion week in Milano. His work has also been selected for the Vogue Talent Contest. Currently he is based in Milan and working on freelance projects in and around Italy. “Every Photo-shoot for me, is not just work, but an opportunity to bring an idea into life thereby creating art.” He says.

Your advice to students?

Photography changes the way you see things. It’s actually quite an incredible transformation to experience. Suddenly  you notice light, shapes, colours , textures and people. Everything around you seems different when you start to see the world  as a photographer. Photographs cannot be seen as just static pictures, but as a form of language that speaks to the viewer. He has a strong message to convey to all the people who have great passion for stuff but are too afraid to follow them, nurture them and  make their dreams come true. ” To all those who fear taking risks in life, I would like to say that it is their toil and effort which will take them to their dreams and help them in achieving them. No matter how tough the path maybe, if its where one’s passion lies, one must believe, stay focused and work hard for it. ”