Please tell us about yourself

Devvrat Singh Rathore  is one of the Four Subsea Engineering Students to earn Scholarship from The United States branch of the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT).  The awards are provided to University of Houston graduate students with $3,000 scholarships for the 2017 school year.

SUT is a global non-profit, multi-disciplinary learned society that brings together organizations and individuals with common interests in underwater technology, ocean science, and offshore engineering. Through its volunteers, SUT provides training, courses, scholarships, as well as learning and networking events to students and professionals globally.

This award is offered to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a course of study in marine science, underwater technology, offshore engineering or in related areas to the marine field.

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What does it mean to be awarded the SUT Scholarship for this year?

 I am extremely thankful for the consideration that they picked me; I hope that I will do them proud. The scholarship will definitely help a long way in making me self-dependent now for the rest of my program.

In the future I hope to be more involved with SUT, once I graduate, I hope I will be given an opportunity to work with SUT and continue the same ideas and implementation that I keep getting in my head, maybe if I add value to SUT that would be fantastic for me as well.

How does this scholarship and SUT in general help you grow professionally?

“I have been able to greatly enhance my professional network and more so my networking skills by attending SUT events. One of my internships at Wood this past summer came about to be from a professional I met at SUT events.““The scholarship has freed up some resources which I have now invested in attending national engineering conferences (SASE, SWE) as I search for employment, and I have begun an 8 month long online program on data sciences. Undertaking these will not have been possible without the scholarship.”

 What did you study?

I did my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune and currently doing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Subsea Engineering) at University of Houston.

What are your professional aspirations?

“In the more immediate future, I hope to be technically involved in the offshore Oil and Gas industry. I plan to develop a career in ‘offshore engineering’, yet not necessarily tied to oil and gas. Other career paths I am giving strong considering are subsea communication, dredging and mining, and offshore wind. The oceans have a lot to offer!”

What about your field and underwater technology interests you? 

“Three major drivers that inspired me to work towards a career in offshore oil and gas. One, oceans cover 70% of this planet. The future is going to present a strong need for natural resources, many of which can come from the seabed. Two, India has a strong ambition for local deepwater oil and gas production, being one of the more energy hungry and high population parts of the world, I would hope that I can bring about solutions to meet that need. Three, I enjoy travelling and the international, multi-cultural environment of the industry.”

You are a committee member for SUT-SES, what do you value about these two societies?

Going to these events (SUT-SES) as a participant I could see scope for improvement, I had these ideas like ‘this is how things could be better, this is how things could be better.’ I had these ideas; I needed to try them out, what if this adds value to the whole thing (SUT-SES). So that is one of the reasons I signed up for the board of the SUT-SES, I could see that they were doing a fantastic job, what can I contribute to it. At the end of the day it gives a lot of satisfaction, brings a comradery between you and the members and the board.