As kids we are given examples of pioneers like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Elon Musk and several other visionaries who built companies that disrupted the world in different ways. We are told to be like them , work hard, innovate and create value. We are repeatedly taught to work tirelessly and sacrifice everything that takes us away from achieving our goals.

However we (The Interview Portal) have a completely different take on this. What changed our perspective was a very simple episode. I have a farmhouse in Kodaikanal which i visit every month. My caretaker is a 78 year old man who takes care of our home. At his age he walks almost 25 kms a week in a mountainous terrain. For the last few years he has been my role model. He leads a very simple life with lots of free time nurturing crops, fruit plants and trees. On the other hand, there was this startup in Bangalore where i worked for 5 years. The CEO of that startup was a supposedly fit man who was very proud of his exercise regime. Infact he used to say that sleep was overrated. I used to hear that he slept just 3 hours a day. At the age of 40, he had a stroke and one of his kidneys failed.

This is a wake call for all of us. Yes we have choices in life and we have to exercise them carefully. Dont forego your most critical biological needs such as sleep. Your body has its limits. No one is invincible ! Realize the truth before it is too late. A great career is a combination of 3 ingredients – Health, Time and Money. Good health to live long and happy, enough time to spend with your family and pursue your interests and decent money to enjoy life. Without a balanced combination of these three ingredients your career will be a recipe for disaster !

During our career sessions with students we always emphasize on the balance among Health, Time and Money and not about being the next Steve Jobs. The goal is not about being the next disruptive innovator. Life is much bigger than being an innovator. Its about making life happy for yourself and people around you. In the process if you end up innovating things thats great.

But dont sacrifice your health and happiness in the blind pursuit of something that you later regret in life !