Please tell us about yourself

I started my education in the field of commerce. I did my BCom Hons from the University of Delhi and studied CA. But I knew that I did not want to do this for the rest of my life. I am more inclined towards the arts; I enjoy sketching and painting.

I decided to enter the animation field six years ago. I enjoyed watching animation films and wondered how they worked. I heard about this place where character animation was taught. It was a three-year course but after a year, I realised it wasn’t what I was expecting. The animation industry was in its nascent stage in India and I started looking for options overseas.

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What did you study?

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) seemed like a good choice. World-class mentors, dedicated 3D character animation course, small class size — perfect for my needs. Wayne Gilbert, one of the best mentors for animation and Mark Pudliener, both taught us the language of animation. Being taught by such great names in the global animation industry was an honour and exciting. When I put my first key in Maya software and saw the ball (which we were supposed to animate) move, I knew that very moment that I want to do this and I was happy. I made the best decision of my life to study in VanArts.

I graduated in March 2012. To my surprise, in the graduation ceremony, I was awarded Honours, which is given to students who excel over excellent. I had made an animation short film as a final project.

Tell us about your career path

One year went by so quickly. So much information and knowledge gathered that I can never forget. I applied at Technicolor Bengaluru for the post of 3D animator. I got a call and on the basis of my work done in VanArts, I was selected. I started working for Rockstar Games in Technicolor, one of the biggest names in the gaming world. I found the opportunity to work on the world’s number one game, Grand Theft Auto 5. It was amazing, just like I had dreamt. I was also awarded ‘Star Performer’ for my work.

What are your future plans?

After working for almost three years in Rockstar Games, I decided to resign and update my skills. In this ever-growing world of animation, one skill is not enough. Now my next goal is to learn visual effects for movies. I can’t think of any movie that I like, that doesn’t have visual effects.

There was no other name in my mind other than VanArts, where I could turn to for a fulfilling education and experience. I have enrolled for the one-year diploma programme in Visual Effects for Film & Television at the institute to begin in March 2016.

I plan to work for movies, whether in animation or visual effects. After I gain some years of experience in the film industry, I plan to open a studio, where we will create our own animation films, games and TV series and take work from all around the world. The studio will also have a training centre where we would take students who are talented and want to learn but do not have the money to do so.