Why did you choose to study electrical engineering?

I consider engineering an organized way of providing solutions to make human life easy and always wanted to be an engineer. Electrical Engineering is changing the world by making advances in a wide range of applications. I wanted to be a part of this change.

What did you study?

I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Iam currently pursuing my Master’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo (UB).

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Why did you choose UB?

One of the important driving factors in selecting UB was the great quality of education at an affordable price. UB, being a leader in international enrollment, was the perfect global learning atmosphere I was looking for to also ensure my personal development in an increasingly diverse world.

What are your favorite aspects of or areas of interest in EE?

I enjoy working at the system level for wireless and embedded systems.  I find it fascinating that Electrical engineering is part of every industry today and is constantly evolving. As a young engineer, this means endless possibilities for me to learn at my job, new problems to work on and definitely not worry about my work becoming monotonous.

What makes UB Electrical Engineering special?

UB Electrical engineering offers not only some of the best research courses in the advanced next-gen technologies, but an equally wide range of courses that are more aligned to the current trends in the industry. This is a huge asset for students as it provides them a lot of flexibility to choose courses aligned to their interests and learn from the distinguished faculty at UB.

Any notable memories?

Working on my Master thesis was one of the best experiences at UB. I took up Master Thesis under Dr. Jornet and had an opportunity to work on a very interesting emerging research area. It was overwhelming and exciting working on a topic that was never explored before. I had a chance to learn and work applying the concepts of Multiphysics modeling and testing, parallel computing, electromagnetics, mathematical modeling and high-speed wireless systems all as a part of a single application. This meant integrating the concepts I learned during different courses to solve a single complex problem.

What career have your pursued? How did your time as a student here prepare you?

I work as a Platform Application Engineer (PAE) for the Internet of Things (IOT) Group at Intel. I work with the Intel architectures, enable and support Intel hardware/software based platforms for the customers for various Internet of Things applications.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Jornet as a mentor and he encouraged and challenged me to give my best. He encouraged me to pursue an internship as well as spend time working on the research topic. This was a great way for me to learn the technical and soft skills that are needed in both industry as well as research environment. I had the liberty to experiment taking different courses, learn from my mistakes, work on new projects outside my comfort zone, and use my time at UB as a platform to try and understand my interests and the my strengths to make an informed decision about my career choice.