What company are you interning for and what is your title or department?

I’m working for DreamWorks Animation in Glendale, California as an intern in their post production department.

What did you study? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and cool career?

I really love animated movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda and wanted to be a part of the studios that make those stories happen. It can be scary to follow your passion – especially if it falls off the beaten path – but I think you’ll be happier for trying.”

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I’m a student at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, CA, with a focus on storyboarding for animation. I’ve interned at DreamWorks Animation in Glendale as well as Zoic Studios in Culver City. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Radio-Television-Film and Business Honors.

What did you expect to gain from your summer internship ?

I expected to gain a better understanding of the feature animation pipeline, but mostly I wanted to develop good relationships with the studio’s artists, employees, and the other interns.

Has it met or superseded your expectations? Why?

This internship has really surpassed all of my expectations. The people here are extraordinarily friendly and always willing to sit down and talk with you. The studio hosts dozens of classes every week (from drawing to public speaking to improvisation), and has a huge video library of recorded lectures from industry professionals. Our internship coordinator brings in a different company leader each week to speak to us, and helped us plan intern socials throughout the summer. With a beautiful campus, free breakfast and lunch everyday, and movie screenings every Monday, DreamWorks is a wonderful place to work.

Share an interesting encounter you’ve had during your internship.

Post production handles all the sound recordings, so I’ve gotten to record Jack Black and Bryan Cranston.

What have you learned about yourself that you did not know before?

I’m more of a self-starter than I thought before – I’m really proud of myself for being proactive about arranging meetings with the people I wanted to talk to and tackling my own projects.

What have you contributed to the company?

I helped prepare the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie trailer for release, as well as ready our TV shows for Netflix. I’ve also organized and archived footage from older films and shows and recorded our voice actors.