What does your current career involve?

I am the Head of Social and Digital Media for a content creation agency in Birmingham. My role involves creating meaningful social campaigns to engage with the target audience and providing strategies for different clients. I have worked primarily with b2c (business to consumer) brands from the automotive sector (such as Chevrolet and Land Rover), through to retail (Hammerson), beauty (Blistex) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) campaigns (‘make mine Milk’).

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How did you obtain this role?

The skills I gained from this industry were invaluable and helped me to become a well-rounded person for the future. My next endeavour was relocating to Toronto, Canada which was a fantastic experience as it took me out side of my comfort zone and also helped to expand my contact network. Returning from Canada, I went to work in London for a PR and advertising agency – I found this opportunity via Twitter – and I worked on various integrated campaigns, mainly the ‘make mine Milk’ which has won four social media awards (and counting). After this I relocated to Birmingham to work on Chevrolet’s Pan-European social media account. This included working on strategy for short-term and long-term campaigns, community management, reporting and best practice management. With this education and experience I have now become the Head of Social for a PR agency across Birmingham and London.

What were your motivations for enrolling on a course at the University of Leicester?

I studied at undergraduate level at the University so knew the area and its surroundings well. The masters offered exactly what I was looking for in terms of course modules and has an excellent track record in employment opportunities.

Location was also a big factor as it was close to my home town and the city has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity.

How did your MSc Marketing course and your experience at Leicester aid your personal and professional development?

Firstly, it gave me the qualification I needed to enter the job market and apply for positions I wouldn’t have been able to get onto with just my undergraduate degree which was in English Literature.

Secondly, I learned about the various areas of marketing which helped me to decide what I wanted to do in my future. I was taught by inspiring tutors and met a lot of great people on the course through different ways such as working in groups for presentations which developed personal skills.

What ambitions do you have for the future in your career?

Long term, I would like to own my own social media agency and have the opportunity to teach at the University of Leicester – potentially going on to a PhD in Media and Communications.

Do you have any advice for anyone reading this who would like to enter a similar work role to you?

  • Get the education and experience you need. It’s important to have both.
  • Be a well-rounded person by taking part in extracurricular activities.
  • Ask questions and try and get yourself onto an internship.
  • Keep abreast of the latest trends related to your area of interest.
  • Think outside the box – try new ways of applying to roles.
  • Follow your ambition and dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.