Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Vinayak Patil. I grew up in the city of Kolhapur in India and enjoy going back every year to visit family and friends. I received my B.Tech. in chemical engineering in 2003 and worked in that industry for few years. I moved to the US in 2007 for post-graduate studies and received my M.S. in chemical engineering from University of Louisiana in 2009. I’ve been with Clarus (originally 2H) since 2011 and I absolutely love my job.

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What do you do at Clarus?

I’m an integrity specialist at Clarus and I provide support to our clients to develop and implement their subsea integrity management programs. My area of expertise is corrosion.

How does your work benefit the industry?

Understanding your asset is vital before making the big decision. Operators in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) must remain as proactive in the approach to subsea integrity as they have been in pioneering deepwater. Many of the early deepwater facilities are nearing the end of their design life, bringing to light the decision of what is next. However, making confident decisions in terms of life extension or decommissioning requires a thorough understanding of the asset history. For example, events such as high eddy current speeds are often not the priority during operations but may become a driver of life extension. Also while pushing designs for deepwater requires bespoke systems and flexible regulations, there are few prescriptive requirements to guide best practice. These leave operators and subsea integrity management (IM) contractors to determine the best practices for their asset IM

Recently, I helped develop a set of key performance indicators to monitor the internal corrosion of subsea equipment.