Want to know where a physics degree can take you? Read on…

Please tell us about yourself. How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unique career?

Rishi first encountered BAE Systems at a careers fair while studying for a Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham. During this time, he was selected to take part problem-solving challenge by the company; Rishi and his course peers were tasked with creating an innovative solution, to a real-life problem – delivering their work and findings as a presentation.

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What was your career path?

After graduating, Rishi researched potential employers which led him back to BAE Systems when he discovered the graduate scheme in the Electronic Systems business sector.

Rishi said: “I was looking at employers that would be able to further my skillset and push my development. The work at Electronic Systems seemed really cool and genuinely interesting, which spurred me on to apply.”

Tell us about your work

When he joined the company in 2015, his placements included working as a systems engineer on the LiteHUD® head-up displays programme. This see-through display allows pilots to view dash readings such as telemetry, altitude and speed directly in front of their field of vision -overlaid on the outside world- as opposed to looking down in a traditional aircraft. Rishi worked on testing the system hardware and mechanics, making sure different aspects of the software connected correctly to multiple aircraft parts.

In addition to this role, Rishi spent time working on flight controls – the hardware used by pilots to guide the aircraft. The bulk of his role involved lab work, where he tested equipment using real-life simulations to ensure the product worked correctly in a variety of different environments.

Rishi also had a stint with the cost estimation team, where he worked on bid estimating – giving him an insight into the financial side of the business.

Rishi said: “My day-to-day role has been very varied which I thoroughly enjoy, no two days are the same. It’s great that I get to interact with many areas and disciplines of the business.”

How has the experience been at BAE systems?

In addition to his work responsibilities, Rishi has supported work experience students as a part of the Graduate Developing You course (GDY). In this extracurricular role, Rishi became a cohort leader, which developed his managerial and coaching skills.

Rishi said: “The people-support within BAE Systems is great. My manager on the LiteHUD programme has been my mentor since day one, and has been really helpful in coaching me and developing my knowledge; providing me with constant feedback that has aided my progression. As a whole, BAE Systems creates an environment that is keen to provide employees with opportunities to further develop themselves.”