Please tell us about yourself

The Škoda Auto University is also attended by a few foreigners in the follow-on Master programme, which is taught entirely in English. Gaurav Mehra comes from India.  ŠKODA AUTO University is now admitting students for its new MBA programme Global Management in the Automotive Industry. The programme has been prepared in cooperation not only with foreign universities, but also with multinational companies, the Automotive Industry Association and the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  It is a prestigious programme grounded in the context of the automotive industry.

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The following English interview  tells us about their experience in Mladá Boleslav.
Tell us how did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unusual career?

“The first thing I did before going to study in the Czech Republic was my own private research on the Internet.  I was trying to find the most suitable University for myself. Of course, I asked my friends for some advice and they recommended ŠKODA AUTO University to me. Then, I got in contact with Mgr. Lenka Stejskalová who is the head of the Institute of Foreign Languages and the Co-ordinator for International Academic Mobility. After the admission at ŠKODA AUTO University I had to complete other necessary steps. One of them was to get visa. I highly recommend potential students to ask for visa in advance as it can take the embassy 4-5 months to arrange!”
How is the education system?

“The educational system in the Czech Republic is different than in India. Although subjects are the same, in India the emphasis is on information searching and reading books on your own. ŠKODA AUTO University is more practically than theoretically oriented. I appreciate good cooperation among students and lecturers of the school. If any problem occurs then you can be in touch with them via email or by a personal meeting. Maybe I would recommend the school to provide more educational materials and books in English. And I am not quite satisfied with the schedule which is too long for a day. It is difficult for me to concentrate when I sit in the classroom and listen to professor for several hours. I would need more breaks.”

“In the second semester I gained an internship. All information was provided by the HR department of ŠKODA AUTO. I am currently on my second placement and working in the Marketing department. From the first internship I didn´t get what I expected exactly, however, there´s no problem to change the department.”

What are you doing now?

Iam a marketing manager at Skoda Auto India Pvt Ltd. at Mumbai