Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself, where are you from, what are you currently doing and how did you get where you are now?

Chetan: I am Chetan. I come from India. I did my undergraduate (Electronics & Communication)  in India from R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. Then I worked for few years at Samsung in India. Then I got accepted to a special program called Samsung Global Scholarship Program and they funded my graduate studies at Seoul National University. So, I came to Korea nearly two and a half years ago to start my graduate studies. At Seoul National University I did my Master’s in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with professor Yong Song Su and my research was on software engineering for embedded systems.

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Vladimir: Let me interrupt you. Chetan, before you continue to your master thesis topic, can you please tell me a little bit about about Samsung Global Scholarship Program.

Chetan: Yeah. Samsung Global Scholarship Program consists of two main groups. One group is for engineers and the other is for MBAs. In engineering, they select students from India, China, and Russia. Every year they sponsor about 12 students. Usually four from each of these countries. The idea behind this program is to provide exposure to the Koreans and the Korean culture and also make Korean students get acquainted with the international people. The reason they chose these three countries is that they are known for engineering skills, they are known for producing good engineers.

Vladimir: So, how many people applied for this program in India?

Chetan: The program was limited to top students from few universities. Nearly 50 students applied during my time and then they chose 6 among those 50 students. And out of 6 students, 4 decided to take the program.

Vladimir: Ok, 6 successful students. All right. So, you were one of those 6 students and you came when?

Chetan: I came to Korea in 2006. Summer 2006.

Vladimir: Ok and the program itself is 2-year long, right?

Chetan: Yes, the program is for 2 years. According to the Global Scholarship Program the first 2 years you study at Seoul National University and they fund your education and give you funds of $1000 USD per month. After you complete you studies for 2 years you need to work for another 2 years for Samsung Electronics as part of the program.

Vladimir: Well, I just want you guys to check the program on Google. If you type the Global Scholarship Program in Google, you will find a Wikipedia page about the program and in 2006 in selected applicants you can see Chetan’s name.

Chetan: I can send you the link to the program.

Vladimir: All right great! Ok, Chetan, can you please tell not in technical terms what was your thesis about and how long did you write it for?

Chetan: My thesis was about component-based software development for embedded systems. And I made some kind of software, a framework where independent software development can be integrated and deployed as final application. My thesis was a kind of report on this software work which I’d done. This was a research work which was partly funded by Electronic Research Institute in Korea. So I worked on this project for about one year during the time I was studying at the Seoul National University. Then I summarized whatever I did for the project, compared my work with some of the existent works, found out what are the main advantages of using my work. I listed good factors of my research work and then I compiled into a conference paper. Then, I published this conference paper at ICEE conference, which was in Taiwan in August 2008. Then I used this conference paper as my final Master thesis.

Vladimir: And then you went to present this paper at the conference in Taiwan?

Chetan: Yeah, I was in Taiwan in August 2008 to present my paper, my work.