Name: Ishwari Tank
Nationality: Indian
City where you were born: Nashik, Maharashtra
Background: BE Electronics and Telecommunications
Track: Electric Power System,  Denmark Technical University, Delft University of Technology, NTNU

Degree Name: MSc Electrical Engineering – TU Delft & MSc Technology: Wind Energy – NTNU

Field Of Study: Wind Energy: Electric Power Systems

Erasmus Mundus European Wind Energy Masters

University where you studied: University of Pune, India

UH: Do you have some working experience previous to the programme?

IT: No, after my Bachelor’s I worked and published on Renewable based DC Microgrid as a member of “Energy for Society” – research group formed by my supervisor.

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UH: What does EWEM mean to you?

IT: Everything. EWEM for me is beyond “a dream come true”. It is the biggest milestone of my life and the foundation for a great professional career.

UH: What were your first impressions when you arrived to Copenhagen?

IT: Beautiful city, extremely organized and a lot of bikes! Anyone and everyone in Copenhagen has a bike. I experienced a lot of cultural differences and it took me some time to adapt to the new culture. When I arrived at Copenhagen, I knew I was in one of the best cities in the world.

UH: How do you remember the beginning of the programme, the introduction week at DTU, meeting new people…?

IT: The introduction week at DTU was great, and it was much-needed. I met a lot of new people and these were my 1st friends in Europe. The introduction week helped me get familiar with DTU, its work culture, social life and also helped in sorting out a lot of practical things such as government registration, simcard and travel card, etc; which would have been otherwise difficult to figure out by myself.

UH: What are your plans for the future? Working in a big/small company, PhD maybe or entrepreneurship?

IT: I wish to continue PhD after my Masters and of course, I also plan to work with an electric utility or a wind turbine manufacturer.

UH: Do you know where are you going to do your MSc Thesis and what about?

IT: Yes, I will be doing my thesis in the TU Delft, with Prof. Jose Reuda Torres, IEPG (EWI). My topic is “Modelling and small-signal stability analysis of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) for offshore wind farm”.

UH: Tell me your best memory in the programme.

IT: My best memory is when I got selected to attend CIGRE 2016 session in Paris. My 2nd best memory is when I personally met and talked with Dr. Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate, when he gave a guest lecture on “Climate Change and Energy” in TU Delft.

UH: Would you recommend to be part of ASE Aeolus? Why?

IT: Yes, I would recommend joining ASE Aeolus because it is a nice organization which arranges everything (guest lectures, MDE, visits to wind farms and many social events). It provides a platform for networking and bonding with fellow EWEM students.

UH: Did you participate in the MDE (Multiple Day Excursion)? What are your memories from that experience?

IT: I eagerly wanted to participate in the MDE and had also registered for it, but as my 3-week project in DTU extended further, I could not attend it.

UH: What do you think about the future of energy? What do you think is the role of wind energy in that vision?

IT: Energy sector is facing tremendous changes, and the ever increasing demand for energy can be met sustainably only with high integration of renewable energy such as wind and solar. Wind energy plays a major role in transformation from traditional coal-power plant based power system to a more dynamic, autonomous power system.

UH: Do you plan to start your professional life in Europe?

IT: I would be glad to start my professional life in Europe but more importantly, I would go wherever my work (and my passion) takes me.

UH: How do you find people in EWEM and in your track?

IT: The people in EWEM and in my track are really friendly, smart, dedicated to their work and of course, they are crazy about wind energy. They are a great source of motivation for me and also, they are the future change-makers of energy sector!

UH: If you could tell one thing to a prospect student, what would you say?

IT: EWEM is the best wind energy programme across the globe. The combination of 4 universities gives us a unique experience which is rare to find elsewhere. If you are selected, EWEM will change your life for forever, so be prepared for it.