Tell me a little bit about your current job role and what you are responsible for?

I am currently working as a Dimensional Variation Engineer at Ford Motor Private Limited and I am involved in a vehicle program for the Asia Pacific region. My job responsibilities would include:-

1. Checking the manufacturing feasibility of the vehicle exteriors, interiors as well as the functional components.
2. Coordinating with the product development team and possibly drive design changes in the vehicle development stage to prevent build issues during production phase.

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What did you study?

I graduated in 2015 with a B.Tech in Automobile Engineering from SRM University, Chennai. I joined Camber Racing at SRM University in my 2nd year of studies where my responsibilities included:-

1. Working on tire selection and its characteristics for optimising the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour.
2. Ride and Roll Calculations
3. Damping Calculations and Tuning

How did you get involved in an offbeat, unconventional and cool event such as Formula Student?

It was in the second year of my studies that I got involved in Formula Student. Having followed motorsports throughout my childhood, I felt being involved in a team which builds race cars was probably one of the best things I could have done during my time as an engineering student.

Applying for jobs after graduation can be a frustrating activity; what was your experience post-graduation?

Having FS experience does help, be it while applying for your internship or job. The increasing awareness about student competitions like FS and Baja within the industry was also quite beneficial.

Are you still in touch with any of your team mates?

Of course yes. I graduated in 2015, so not a long while back. I definitely made some good friends within the team when I was a member.

Over the years you have been involved with FS, what has been the best moment?

I’ve got two moments which were equally special. Having been involved in the build of two cars, watching the car during its first run (on both occasions) was a very special feeling and something which gave me a lot of happiness.