“Ma, at what time are dad’s friends coming over this evening, ” asked Rishi excitedly! He continued eagerly, “are they staying over for dinner? I have a lot of questions to ask them!” . “Rishi, you musn’t bore them with too many questions, they are meeting dad after a long time,” replied his mom.

Rishi was a 9th std student and studying diligently to become a doctor. He knew that Hemant, his dad’s childhood friend was a well known surgeon. He was eager to talk to Hemant regarding his career. Dad’s other friend Supriya, who was also coming for dinner, was a management graduate from IIM Calcutta and was a sales director at an FMCG company.

As the clock struck 7 PM, the door bell rang and Rishi ran excitedly to open the door, tripping the stool in front of him. “Careful Rishi, you will break the glass!,” scolded his mom. As he greeted dad’s friends and ushered them in, Rekha, Rishi’s mom welcomed them and gestured them to take their seats on the plush sofa. “Iam sorry, i just got a call from Amit, he said he will be a little late due to an unexpected meeting!,” Rekha exclaimed as she entered the kitchen to get them a cup of coffee. “Whats your name?,” asked Hemant, looking at Rishi, “your dad mentioned that you were studying for NEET and were keen on becoming a doctor?”. Brimming with excitement, Rishi replied, “yes uncle, my dad told me a lot about you and iam really inspired to follow your footsteps!!, infact i have a lot of questions to ask you. I heard that you always topped at school!”

“So why do you want to become a doctor?,” asked Supriya curiously. Rishi took no time to respond with a smile, “I love helping people and solving their problems”. “Rishi, do you watch movies?”, Hemant asked , referring to “The Day After Tomorrow” . As Rishi nodded that he liked the movie a lot, especially anything related to fiction, Supriya remarked, “why do you think its a science fiction movie? dont you believe there could be floods and climate changes in the future?”. “Yes, i agree, but the hero in the movie predicts everything and saves the world from a natural disaster, isnt that fiction?,” replied an amused Rishi. Now Hemant and Supriya looked at each other smiling away. By this time, Rekha entered the living room with coffee saying, “Amit just called, he should be here in about half an hour”.

“Rishi, i topped the class during my school days, but there was one subject in which i could never beat your dad, do you know what that subject was?” asked Hemant looking at Rishi and Rekha. As both of them nodded their heads saying “No”, Hemant continued,  “it was Geography. Your dad loved everything related to geography to the extent that he knew more than our geography teacher. He loved maps and was always glued to the  national geographic channel. We never understood his inclination to geography. This was a joke in school as to what would your dad do with his geography knowledge!”.

“Do you know what your dad does for a living?” asked Hemant. “No uncle, he doesnt talk much about his work,” replied Rishi. “Well, he was always like that at school,” Hemant continued, “the disaster predictions in the “Day After Tomorrow” are not works of fiction. Your dad uses his geography and remote sensing skills to predict natural disasters. His skills and mastery over geography enable him to remotely monitor various regions across the world for environmental changes, meteorological disturbances, earthquakes, groundwater availability and any other natural occurrences.”. Hemant went on to say, “I remember well on the day that the tsunami stuck, i was speaking to a friend from CNN and thats when i came to know about your dad’s work and how his expertise has reduced the damage caused by these disasters. We doctors can heal patients with diseases but are powerless against forces of nature. If there is one person in the world who can help us against nature, its your dad.”

Rishi was speechless and as he looked at his mom, the door bell rang. It was his dad at the door. As Amit walked in hugging Hemant and Supriya, Hemant asked quizzically, “a busy day eh?” . Amit responded, “sorry for the delay”. He continued, “Rishi, you had a lot of questions to ask? Did you talk to Hemant and Supriya?”. “Thats not needed anymore,” said Hemant, looking at Rishi who was looking at his dad, still speechless !

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